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Students search for happy apartment hunting ground

Cait Wasmundt / Lantern reporter

With apartment hunting for the next academic year in full swing, students are frantically asking friends about lease renewing and figuring out what they want from their future homes.

In light of the Timely Warnings issued on campus in the last few months, some students and their parents are concerned about safety when it comes to deciding living locations.

“My parents are very concerned about the crime because it has been more prevalent in the news lately,” said Hannah Henthorne, a first-year in English. “Places you might think would be safe could turn out to be sketchy.”

The alerts have notified students about crimes occurring in all areas of campus, but some potential renters believe the crime is more common on the south end of campus.

“From what I hear, the problems are more east and south of campus, so I don’t think it will be that big of a problem (for me),” said Lukas Cameron, a first-year in architecture.

Cameron said he is planning to live on Lane Avenue and Summit Street next year.

“(I think) the crime mostly happens on South Campus,” said Elizabeth Lim, a first-year in psychology.

Lim said she is planning to live in the residence halls for her second year.

With the alerts notifying students of crime occurring on- and off-campus, some students said it has affected the way they choose to rent for the coming academic year.

“I’m sure people will try to avoid certain areas, but I’ve heard the crime alerts are all over campus, so I’m not sure where they would go to find a crime alert-free area at this time,” said Julie Hutchison, property manager of leasing at Buckeye Real Estate.

Buckeye Real Estate manages a number of properties surrounding the Ohio State campus typically occupied by students. Hutchison has a few tips for a successful off-campus living search.

“A lot of residents are concerned with safety, amenities and location,” Hutchison said. “These are things that I think they need to do a little bit of homework on. I always recommend that people walk by the building before they go to a showing.”

Students searching for apartments or houses usually have in mind their preferences for location, price and other factors important in the buying process.

“I’m looking for space and proximity to campus, and the area of campus is important,” said J.P. Suffron, a fourth-year in business, economics and public affairs.

Even though he said off-campus crime is happening “all over the place,” Suffron said he is anxious to find a place to live and sign a lease for next year.

“There is such a limited supply of places, it’s important to get in there early,” Suffron said. “If you don’t sign a lease by the end of January, who knows where you’ll be?”


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