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Asher Roth shows his love for college at OSU

Cody Cousino/ Photo editor

The name Asher Roth usually rings one bell: “I Love College.”

Someone who hasn’t heard that song likely hasn’t heard any of his other songs either. Though the song is probably an anthem for the aspirations of middle and high school students, I like it anyway.

Roth’s Final Four Tour made its stop in Columbus Friday at Skully’s Music-Diner.

Seeing Roth Friday was one of the best and worst performances I have ever attended.

I, along with those who stuck around, had drudged through DJ Wreckineyez, a Mac Miller look-alike “rapping” over a poor quality track and two or three other sets.

After what felt like an eternity of opening acts, some of which were downright unpleasant, Roth casually walked out on stage and began his set.

When Roth finally took the stage at Skully’s, I wasn’t expecting much.

I won’t lie — I like his music, but the guy looks like a slacker and kind of rolls in that vein of suburban slacker rap (but not nearly as much as Miller).

This concert was probably the longest I have ever waited to see a headliner perform, clocking in at about three hours. I found it kind of offensive. No one should have to wait until about 12:30 a.m. to see any performer that isn’t wearing a pound of glitter and a pair of plastic platforms.

Surprisingly Roth killed it, but he left me wanting more, in a bad way.

It was easy to tell Roth enjoys performing, headbanging along with his live band and rapping simultaneously. He looked like he was having fun and that’s part of what kept people invested in the concert.

But to my dismay, his set lasted only about 30 minutes. It mostly included his popular songs, “G.R.I.N.D.,” “Blunt Cruisin'” and “Lark on My Go-Kart.” Playing older songs is always a good way to get the audience involved in the performance because they usually know the words, but these were pretty much the only songs he played.

I expected him to delve more into what he’s been working on lately and it was disappointing.

In some sense, I feel the Final Four Tour is just Roth’s ploy to run from college town to college town watching some of the biggest games up until the NCAA Tournament, and for that I can’t really blame him.

Roth made sure to thank his fans in the audience after his last song, before he made a speedy getaway.

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