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Juggling school, work, fitness about balance

Another quarter is well under way and I find myself in the same struggle I’ve been in for the past four years.

Although it is not impossible, I always find myself in a bind when trying to strike the perfect balance between school, work, and exercise.

If I’m on top of my schoolwork it seems as though another top emerges. And this other top is unappealing, taking on the shape of a muffin and hanging over my once-fitting jeans.

Striving for complete perfection on both the academic and the physical side is not what I should be focusing my time on. Ultimately, worrying about the best of both worlds only leads to more stress, more excuses, and more overeating.

I’ve begun to find a balance for each, even if the balance means making a few sacrifices on both fronts. If I have a large amount of schoolwork one week, I try to focus more on food preparation than gym time. Physiques are derived more from diet, so when I’m not able to get my time in at the gym, I force myself to keep walking when the endless smell of fast food fills my nose as I walk home from class.

To be sure, I’m not advocating skipping the gym, but setting unrealistic goals of going to the gym six days a week when taking 20 credit hours and working 15 hours a week can hurt your cause.

Not only will you be setting yourself up for potential failure when you only make it there four days out of seven, but you’ll be able to better focus on both school and fitness if you’re reaching your goals. Realistic goals can be the keys to success.

Little changes I’ve begun to make have been game-changers for me. I try to walk to work at the Schottenstein Center or even purposefully take a longer route to and from class to get an extra mile or so of walking in if I have the time.

Students who are looking to balance exercise and schoolwork should find friends looking to do the same and should ditch the excuses. Find something that fits your schedule and your jeans will most likely fit just as well.

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