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Midway on High Restaurant and Bar offers middling meals

Caitlyn Wasmundt / Lantern reporter

Midway on High Restaurant and Bar: midway in food styles and midway in satisfaction.

That’s not to say the remodeled restaurant on High Street right across from campus is all bad, it just isn’t all good. But what it lacks in atmosphere, it makes up in food portioning and price.

I am an Asian food fanatic to say the least, so I was excited to see that Midway on High Restaurant and Bar’s menu centered on the style of food I love. While looking through the menu, I understood one reason the restaurant might be called Midway, besides its location.

There was a wide range in food styles, from burgers and fries to sushi and other Asian-inspired meals, but all on a college student’s budget.

I decided to order the orange chicken and my friend ordered the pad thai.


At first I was surprised how quickly my meal had come out from the kitchen, then I realized we were the only diners seated. The other patrons were drinking spirits at the bar.

Even though my food came out relatively quickly, my friend’s had not. We waited an extra five minutes for her meal to come out.

The portion sizes were very generous, but the flavors not so much.

The large pieces of chicken sat on top of white rice covered in a tangy, but not very citrusy, sauce.

My friend made comment that her pad phai was too dry for her liking, but the spring rolls she ordered were nice and crunchy.

Drinking only water, my meal came to $5.99, and I still had enough for leftovers.

The food wasn’t the only thing on the menu that varied.

If not satisfied with water and you’re of legal drinking age, patrons can choose from a full bar selection of drinks from Ohio locals such as Great Lakes, to imports like Dos Equis and Heineken.

Midway also offered variations of sushi rolls, such as California rolls and spicy tuna rolls, and more cooked seafood like Unagi, which is freshwater eel, and steamed shrimp.

One of the biggest flaws Midway has is its seating area setup. It had the classic structure of a bar to one side, with tables and chairs in the middle and booths along the back wall. But, the booths were spread so far apart from each other that it created an uncomfortable distance between diners and between diners and the table itself.

I had to sit at the edge of my seat to close the gap and be able to reach my food or speak comfortably with my friend.

Overall, portion size and prices made up for inconsistent food arrivals as well as the far-spread atmosphere.

Grade: B

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