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Nutrition information should be more easily accessible

As someone trying to count calories, it gets tedious trying to look up the calories for every food you eat, which is why nutritional information should be included on every food item you buy. For example, bananas have no label telling you how many calories are in a serving. When you look it up online, you get different answers from different sites.

My diet requires me to count calories, and it is frustrating not knowing the exact number I’m consuming. Maybe if every item we ate included its nutritional information, it would encourage people to eat healthier. Some argue if someone is dedicated to losing weight and counting calories, they will do it no matter how hard it is. But why make it harder than it needs to be?

When you go out to a sit-down restaurant and you want to order something off of the menu, you either have to search online for nutritional information or ask the waiter if they have a copy of it. It can get very annoying going online for every little thing you want to eat. With the convenience of having the nutritional facts at the end of the menu, it would save the waiter time and it would save you from having to awkwardly ask for the information.

There really is no legitimate reason why the manufacturers or restaurants shouldn’t provide this information in an easily-accessible format. Maybe they are trying to hide how fattening their food is. Or perhaps those who are not on diets don’t want to see what they are eating because it would make them feel bad about themselves. But if this is the case, having the nutritional information right in front of that person’s face might encourage them to stop making poor food choices and start eating healthy.

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