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Real Housewife’ Bethenny Frankel talks real life at Ohio State

Sarah Pfledderer / Lantern photographer

Bethenny Frankel, author of “A Place of Yes” and “Naturally Thin,” and the star of her own reality TV show, “Bethenny Ever After,” didn’t stop anything from flying out of her mouth — and the audience members were expecting it.

Waiting patiently for the star to come out, students and visitors had high hopes for the “The Real Housewives of New York City” star’s campus appearance, held Thursday in the Ohio Union’s Archie M. Griffin Grand Ballroom to a nearly full audience. The Ohio Union Activities Board organized the event.

Frankel, who joked that she only leaves the house when contractually obliged, delivered on topics from food to drinks and books to television. Almost everything was on the table, including the weather.

“It’s really effin’ cold here,” said a “naturally thin” Frankel, who took the stage in a sleeveless red dress. The audience roared.

At one point, describing how she would “call in fat for work,” to later going on a rant about how “most people are morons,” Frankel skirted the thin lines between funny, politically incorrect and wise.

The audience of mostly women seemed receptive to everything that came out of a “mouth built for nighttime,” as Frankel described herself. People attended the event for many reasons.

“I really want her to follow me on Twitter,” said Vikas Sohal, a third-year biology. “I love her.”

Frankel challenged those in the room to “Be inspired. Be true to yourself. Be honest. And don’t take yourself too seriously.”

At least one member of the audience was moved to tears, saying during the question-and-answer session, “I have to preface this by saying you are my idol.”

Some audience members praised her strategies for success and healthy alternatives to dieting.

Frankel mixed serious advice with humor.

Instead of asking yourself, “Should I do this or should I do that?” Frankel said. “The truth of the matter is just use a condom.”

Judging by the laughs, it seemed the audience members agreed.

Frankel drew on her own experiences to offer life lessons to the audience.

From a life of failed relationships, businesses and ideas, Frankel had advice for people trying to make it in a world with many distractions. For the college students in the room, Frankel reassured them by saying, “You’re at the greatest time in your life. You don’t have to know what you’re doing, just keep moving forward.”

And for the relationship-savvy, she had a bit of advice from experience.

“I was never satisfied with trying to have men save me. … (We) have to find (our) own truth,” Frankel said.

Frankel’s new book, “Skinny Dipping,” hits shelves this May. After three self-help books, Frankel called this piece of fiction a “palate-cleanser.”

Though Frankel seemed to be a hit, it was her line of low-calorie alcoholic beverages that kept some audience members around.

“I came for Bethenny,” said Clarissa Smith, a second-year in business, “but I’m staying for the Skinnygirl.”

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