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Review: All-American Rejects still among in-crowd with ‘Kids in the Street’

The All-American Rejects released its fourth studio album, “Kids in the Street,” and it delivered some quality music. It has been about three years since The All-American Rejects have released an album, but it did not disappoint.

The album title is perfect for this album because it has a cool-kid sound. The Rejects have always had a great alternative rock sound and have never been afraid to take it to the next level.

Lead vocalist, Tyson Ritter, does a good job of giving life to the songs on the album. Ritter handles the notes in each song in a way that encourages further listening.

The album opens with a great up-tempo song. “Someday’s Gone,” with its garage-band feel, is about a cheating girlfriend and how it is time to let her go. It is an energetic song that really allows the listener to let go and feel the song.

It is normal that not every song on an album is going to be good, but all 11 songs on “Kids in the Street” stood their own ground.

The song “Gives You Hell,” from the third studio album, “When The World Comes Down,” which went four-times platinum, might have some competition. This album makes great strides in continuing the same success as the third album with songs such as “Beekeeper’s Daughter” and “Fast and Slow” that produce the sound Reject fans love.

In a band, the guitarists and the drummers often do not get as much shine as the lead vocalist, but the skills of guitarists Nick Wheeler and Mike Kennerty, and drummer Chris Gaylor, do not go unnoticed. The guitar and drum solos were impressive and stood out.

The sound of this album is upbeat, even though the lyrics of most of the songs talk of relationships gone awry. Nonetheless, The All-American Rejects have put together another all-around satisfying album the masses can enjoy. The Rejects’ sound is like no other, which is why this album will be successful.


Grade: A

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