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Campus MovieFest to attract Ohio State student filmmakers

Courtesy of Campus MovieFest

One of the world’s largest student film festivals is making its way to Ohio State for the fourth time.

Campus MovieFest is scheduled to start at noon Tuesday in the Ohio Union.

Campus MovieFest travels to 70 campuses across the United States and United Kingdom to give students an opportunity to make a five-minute short film in seven days, said Nishant Gogna, promotions manager for Campus MovieFest.

“Last year, some of the best films in the country were made in Columbus,” Gogna said in an email. “So we are very excited to be returning to the land of the Buckeye and giving students another shot at glory.”

The festival provides students with an Apple computer, Panasonic HD video camera and training and support for one week free of charge.
Gogna said students are encouraged to make whatever genre of film they like, except an adult film.

“Genres can range from dramas, to comedies, to documentaries, to dramadies, to mockumentaries, to even music videos,” he said in an email. “As long as the film is five minutes or less, and was filmed and edited in the seven-day time slot, it’s good to go.”

A panel of judges, chosen by Ohio Union TV and made up of OSU students, faculty and staff, determines the winners. Films are judged based on creativity, story and technical achievement.

The top 16 movies will be screened at the OSU red carpet finale May 10 at Gateway Film Center. Movies awarded Best Picture, Best Comedy and Best Drama from the OSU competition will advance to the grand finale in Hollywood in June, according to the press release.

Movies not directly chosen by judges to advance to Hollywood undergo a “wild card competition” for 30 days after the competition, Gogna said. The competition permits movies that are the most viewed within that 30 days to automatically advance to the grand finale.

Matthew Swift, film studies program coordinator, was a judge at last year’s Campus MovieFest and will return as a judge this year.

“Last year we got some stuff that was really well-polished and we got some stuff that it was obvious that they didn’t have as much access to equipment or experience,” Swift said. “That doesn’t necessarily mean it wasn’t a good film.”

Swift said he thinks students should get involved because the festival allows students to make something impressive with equipment that’s provided for free.

“This festival is all for students to get their work out there, get publicized,” Swift said.

Franz Ross, a first-year in film studies, said he plans to take advantage of the opportunity.

“I do plan on entering Campus MovieFest,” he said. “In fact, I have written a screenplay entitled ‘It’s 3 a.m. and I Hate Everyone,’ that I plan to produce with Chris Wittum (a first-year in English).”

The festival is free for any OSU student, faculty and staff member.

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