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Commentary: Construction ‘stinks,’ end justifies means

I’ve bought into the belief that the construction around campus will help beautify Ohio State, like other students.

However, the mass amount of construction around OSU has created an inconvenience that is a little annoying for students. Driving and walking around 17th Avenue has gotten to the point that as a student living in Morrill Tower, I don’t know how to get to class.

The end will justify the means and this construction will reaffirm OSU has one of the most beautiful campus in the nation; but this construction stinks.

Waking up at 8 a.m. to the sound of heavy machinery, finding a creative way to walk from the towers to the Central Classroom Building and avoiding pickup trucks and machinery in the stadium parking lot isn’t ideal.

In addition to the minor inconveniences students face daily, imagine how crazy things could potentially be for the OSU football’s Spring Game Saturday. Chaos might be inevitable.

Any time there is a football game at the ‘Shoe, traffic is insane. The five-second drive from the stadium parking lot to Woody Hayes Drive can last nearly an hour after a football home game. Add in the construction madness and traffic could be out of control Saturday.

Also with the Spring Game, there is as much buzz around this year’s game as ever.

More than 60,000 tickets were distributed for the Spring Game, Jerry Emig, athletic department spokesman wrote in a press release Monday.

The construction and Spring Game might set up for a crazy event Saturday, so if you’re driving – good luck.

For the students around campus, just remember not to be too frustrated by the campus-wide construction. This construction is going to make OSU gorgeous.

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