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Commentary: OUAB’s Twitter tactics, teases troublesome

Brittany Schock / Asst. photo editor

The Ohio Union Activities Board is the biggest tease on campus.

Instead of just releasing information, such as the featured performers for the Big Free Concert scheduled for May 12, OUAB dangled the prospect of “big news!” on its Twitter page, @OUAB, and gave an excruciating amount of hints before revealing anything of great relevance.

OUAB announced April 20 that the headliner for its annual spring Big Free Concert would be dubstep artist Skrillex. It even used Twitter to announce Big K.R.I.T. canceled his appearance as J. Cole’s opener in Monday’s concert in the Ohio Union’s Archie M. Griffin Grand Ballroom.

I had literally postponed my dinner plans to stalk OUAB’s Twitter, excited to hear what amazing artist they would announce.

As OUAB tweeted hints such as, “this artist left their band to pursue a solo career,” and “We’re doin’ it BIG by bringing a grammy award winning artist who gained fame during the MySpace Days!” my mind was foolishly racing with visions of Justin Timberlake and Beyonce.

After every hint OUAB gave, it demanded 50 retweets for another hint. Hours later, it finally announced Skrillex.

Imagine my disappointment.

I realize this genre of dubstep music is becoming a popular one, but I have not jumped on the bandwagon, and I don’t think I will any time soon. Maybe I just haven’t given it a fair chance, but I’m not interested.

After just about everyone seemingly thought OUAB was done with its shenanigans, it announced through Twitter with an emoticon wink that it wasn’t quite done announcing its Big Free Concert lineup on April 23, three days after their first announcement.

Again, after a night of teasing on Twitter with clues such as the fact that the next artist would certainly not have an Ohio State dot number that is .1, OUAB announced Mac Miller would be joining Skrillex in the Big Free Concert.

This was a less disappointing announcement. While I’m not a Miller fan, I was happy to hear the concert would involve something other than Skrillex.

But overall, as much as OUAB teases its big concerts, I have been disappointed with its choices this year for the spring concert and the one in the fall. I will admit that Skrillex and Miller will probably be a better pair than Boyz II Men and Smash Mouth, but neither lineup has blown me away.

I would much rather see an artist who is still relevant today.

As a first-year, these have been my first big OUAB-sponsored free concerts. I have heard of the concerts of the past, featuring Weezer and 3OH!3 and I wish my OUAB concert experiences could even come close to those big names.

From now on, if OUAB insists on teasing me and my fellow Buckeyes about their events, I wish the events would at least be something worth the wait.

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