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Crowd surfs to Side B sound waves

Side B concert April 7 at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion.

The crowd was larger at CD101: Side B Saturday than at last weekend’s Side A show. At Side B, Reptar, The Features, Walk the Moon and The Naked and Famous performed for a sold-out crowd at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion.

Cincinnati indie-rock band, Walk the Moon, stole the show. It shot the energy level through the roof, sending the pit into a bouncing, dancing and crowd-surfing frenzy. Bassist Kevin Ray did the “O-H” sign with his arms, and some in the crowd responded with “I-O.”

Walk the Moon played all three new songs off its 2012 EP, “Anna Sun.” The crowd ate it up when they played “Tightrope” and “Next in Line.”

The crowd burst into dancing, jumping, singing and crowd-surfing again during the song, “Anna Sun.” The lyrics include “Live my life without coming up for air / Now it’s all a wash.”

The Naked and Famous, hailing from New Zealand, played an amazing show. Its lighting system was a series of chains that projected colors and images behind the stage. The band’s electrical sound shined on stage.

The Naked and Famous opened with “All of This” off its 2010 album, “Passive Me, Aggressive You.” Many of the songs the band played were from this album.

At the beginning the sound was low, and this shocked me. As the band started to play more into its first song, the sound got louder. It also took the crowd a little while to warm up to the band’s style of music.

But by the time the band played its hit song “Punching in a Dream,” the crowd was dancing and singing along with the chorus. The lyrics make it seem as though the song is about young, naive love – “The bittersweet between my teeth / Trying to find the in-between / Fall back in love eventually.”

The song “A Wolf in Geek’s Clothing” was reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails. It has a very strong and fast drum beat with screeching guitar riffs and synth lines. This was actually one of my favorite songs The Naked and Famous performed.

The song that grabbed the audience was the band’s song, “Girls Like You.”

The lyrics of “Girls Like You” made me think that guitarist, singer and producer Thom Powers had a run-in with a specific type of girl. “What would you do if you lost your beauty? / How would you deal with the light?” were powerful lyrics.

The band closed out its two-song encore with “Young Blood,” which sent the crowd into a frenzy of singing, dancing and crowd-surfing. The lyrics are very dark: “I don’t ever want to be here / Like punching in a dream breathing life into my nightmare.”

The Features did not disappoint the crowd, either. The audience sang and danced when it played the hit song, “How it Starts,” off the 2011 album, “Wilderness.”

Reptar brought a high energy level to the show when it performed “Stuck in my Id,” off its 2011 album, “Oblangle Fizz Y’all.” Reptar’s sound was rock with a bit of pop sprinkled in, and lyrics such as, “I never meant to hurt you, yeah / No, I never meant to blame” make it hard not to love them.

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