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Don’t cue exit music on classical greats without giving them a listen beforehand

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Rap, pop, alternative, rock. These and countless other genres of music have become popular in today’s culture. A look at the Billboard Top 100 list would reveal such artists as Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and many other popular artists. However, upon perusal of this list, not a single song from the classical music genre appears. This isn’t surprising, but it does indicate our society’s rising disinterest in classical music.

It’s upsetting that a genre of music that serves as the basis for all modern music has become so obsolete. It seems that many people, especially children and teenagers, don’t know classical music or don’t appreciate it. One of the only ways they might recognize some of the most famous classical pieces is through its use in the media. Cartoons, commercials and even movies will sometimes use these pieces. However, the music is often “adjusted” a bit, which totally discredits the great composers who wrote these pieces.

Personally, I think classical music is extremely important, and as a violinist, I have developed a love for orchestral music. The magical quality about it is simply the vast range of emotions you experience whether playing or listening. Also, classical music has been proven to be beneficial. It seems to improve mental capacity to an extent.

According to a Stanford University study, musical training and reading fluency had strong correlations, meaning students with more musical training made faster improvements in reading fluency than students without musical background. They aren’t certain whether music actually makes you smarter, but these leads seem very intriguing.

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Ludwig van Beethoven, Antonio Vivaldi, Sergei Prokofiev, Gustav Mahler and many more composers should play a more prevalent role in our society. These composers are the epitome of “true music.” Their prominence in history is well-recognized and their music is very impacting. If more people would give these composers a chance, maybe classical music could make a comeback. Until then, people should just try attending a concert and see what they think.


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