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Indie rocker heading into Columbus

Courtesy of Into It. Over It.

Have you ever been fixated on a song one day, only to be completely over it the next? Indie rock musician Evan Weiss used to have the same feeling – for his own songs.  

Weiss, who goes by the stage name Into It. Over It., is scheduled to take the stage for the first time in Columbus Thursday at Carabar, located at 115 Parsons Ave. The show is scheduled to begin at 9 p.m.

The singer and songwriter began recording music as Into It. Over It. three years ago with the release of “52 Weeks,” a project where Weiss challenged himself to record a song per week for a year. After the compilation of songs gained attention from fans as well as record companies, Weiss decided to continue making music under the pseudonym.

“That was supposed to be the beginning and the end of the idea,” Weiss said. “The idea was that you would be into a song long enough to write it and record it. Then when it was over, you were over it and had to think of something else.”

“52 Weeks,” which inspired the name Into It. Over It., pressured Weiss to let loose from the lengthy thought process that he said often plagues songwriters and simply generate music. He has since progressed and takes the music he creates more seriously, Weiss said.

“I want to make sure I put out stuff that I’m really, really proud of all the time,” Weiss said. “(With ’52 Weeks’) there wasn’t a lot of time to think – that’s what made it possible to get it done. If I would have sat and thought about it for too long, I would’ve failed.”

Weiss put his progression on display with his full-length debut album, “Proper.” The album, released in September, showcases Weiss’ songwriting over 12 tracks.

Although audiences will get a glimpse of the record when Into It. Over It. performs live, Weiss admits the sound is often very different than the full-band rock version featured on the record.

“Because I play every instrument on the album, except for drums, live, it sounds very stripped down,” Weiss said. “It’s a little more intimate and more relaxed. I’m able to tell stories about the songs and exchange a little bit more.”

Weiss’ connection with the audience is part of what makes seeing Into It. Over It. live a special experience, said Chase Igliori, Weiss’ manager and friend.

“He’s a storyteller, and I think that’s ultimately what’s best about coming to see Evan (Weiss) live,” Igliori said. “He’s very personal and emotional. Many people will really attach themselves to him as an individual.”

From playing in houses and basements to festivals such as Vans Warped Tour where Weiss is slated to perform this summer, Into It. Over It. has gradually transitioned into larger venues.

Igliori said despite the increase in crowd size, Weiss’ approach toward performing live remains unchanged.

With his mellow, acoustic-oriented style, Weiss will bring a bit of a change to the performances typically featured at Carabar.

“We usually do more of like metal, punk and just hardcore shows,” said Joshua DeJac, who booked Weiss at Carabar. “It should be a little more chill and hopefully a little more interactive.”

On the flipside, Weiss is also looking forward to performing at the venue, even if the audience isn’t accustomed to his style.

“I heard that Carabar is pretty sweet,” Weiss said. “I’ve also heard that it’s pretty rowdy, so I’m wondering how well it’ll do for me when I’m so stripped down and quiet. But I hope it’s rad and people will be excited to see me play (and) as excited as I am to play there.”

The show is free of charge.

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