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Keep muscle tanks, short shorts on Oval Beach, out of classrooms this spring

Spring is here. The sun is shining, the weather is warming up and out come the tiny tank tops, the shorter-than-short shorts and the muscle tees.

These pieces of clothing are fine for the boardwalk or the (Oval) beach, but not for the classroom. When I’m trying to learn, the last thing I need is to see your fake tan lines. Yes, it’s nice outside, but this is a formal learning situation and I think both men and women can be easily distracted by other students’ clothing choices.

Yes, many stores sell shorts that are more like denim undergarments for women, but if you can’t bend over without showing half your rear end, they aren’t appropriate for class. The same goes for summer dresses and skirts. Solution: leggings or longer clothing.

There’s nothing wrong with working out and being fit. There is something wrong with wearing your muscle tees and cutoffs to class. We are all happy you’re in love with your pecks, but if you’re not the subject of an anatomy class’ PowerPoint, please cover them up.

Light, flowing fabric is great for staying cool in springtime, but if you can’t keep your undergarments from showing, it’s time to layer up. I don’t want to see hot-pink polka dots through your sundress. Same goes for the men: your plaid boxers are not cute under those white golf shorts.

Ohio State has no official dress code or requirements as a public university, and I doubt any professor would ask a student to leave class because of his or her outfit. During Spring Quarter, I think some professors are just happy students are choosing to forego a day on the Oval to come to class.

But nice weather seems like an excuse for many people to expose more skin than the rest of us care to see. Sometimes going to class is suddenly an MTV Spring Break party and somebody’s about to get their bikini top untied. I shouldn’t spend my time in class wondering if the girl in front is going to fall out of her low-cut tank top or when the guy giving his presentation is going to find his shorts around his ankles.

I don’t care how much skin you want to show on your weekends or nights out, or even during the day on Oval Beach. But in class, clothing shouldn’t be distracting students or professors, regardless of the weather.


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