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Koffin Kats set to come alive for Columbus show

The Koffin Kats are scheduled to perform at 7 p.m. April 3 at The Shrunken Head, located at 251 W. 5

The Koffin Kats is a band that crosses the boundaries of musical genres. Punk, rockabilly, psychobilly, rock ‘n’ roll and touring like mad men are what it is known for.

The Koffin Kats is scheduled to perform with local band Roxy Mae at 7 p.m. Tuesday at The Shrunken Head, located at 251 W. 5th Ave.

Upright bassist Vic Victor said the band’s name came from a night of watching cheesy movies with a friend.

“We were randomly coming up with equally cheesy psychobilly band names and that one popped up,” Victor said. “A couple months later I started the band, I needed a name, and that one kind of stuck in my head.”

The Koffin Kats formed about nine years ago, Victor said.

“It was basically me and the original guitar player Tommy (Koffin),” Victor said. “We started the band with the idea of hitting the road and almost a year later after our first practice, we started touring the West Coast and never really slowed down since.”

The band likes to mix different genres of rock ‘n’ roll, Victor said.

“It’s basically punk rock with a stand-up bass, with a very small element of rockabilly,” Victor said. “We really just consider it rock ‘n’ roll in the end.”

Some local fans of rockabilly said they enjoy Koffin Kats’ music.

“The Koffin Kats are rockabilly the way it could and should be,” said Hyde Anderson, a local musician. “They take the stage ready to destroy.”

When going to see a Koffin Kats show, patrons should expect some loud and fast music.

“We definitely like to give people their money’s worth and we like to make every show a party,” Victor said. “Even if you don’t like the music, we will try to be entertaining on stage.”

The band tours every year, and this year’s tour, which started in Europe, is geared toward promoting its new album, “Our Way & The Highway.”

“We go home for a few weeks, and now we start going from the East Coast to the West Coast and some Canadian dates and that will take us up to June,” Victor said. “We go back to Europe on the 29th (of June) for a month and a half, then come home again for a couple of weeks, then do the states again.”

“Our Way & The Highway” is the band’s seventh release and first full-length album with its new guitarist EZ Ian Jarrell and drummer Eric “E Ball” Walls.

“We are really happy with it,” Victor said. “Its probably the most professional style, and best mixed in my opinion.”

When it comes to its fans, Koffin Kats have a variety of listeners.

“When we first started in the Midwest, there weren’t a lot of psychobilly bands out like that, so we got pretty lucky where we were the only band doing what we did,” Victor said. “Our fan base comes from across the board, and we see that both in the United States and Europe.”

The band works better under pressure in producing albums, Victor said.

“Generally we set a studio date, and then we go down in the basement and make music,” he said. “Everything is done at the last minute. We work better under pressure.”

Victor said a lot of bands influence his music.

“One of my first and still all-time favorite bands is Bad Religion,” Victor said. “I really got into that melodic punk rock sound when I was a kid, and then I discovered what the sound of an upright bass was.”

The band doesn’t make much money on the road, but Victor admits that it’s the best job for them.

“I like to say that it’s like the best minimum wage paying job yet,” Victor said with a laugh.

Touring almost year-round can be trying for the band, but the band made it through the past two tours without many hitches, Victor said.

“Knock on wood, the last couple of tours have went smooth,” Victor said. “Really any tour that the bus doesn’t break down and something catastrophic doesn’t happen, that’s a good tour.”

Victor said the band’s latest album is his favorite yet.

“I think that it’s probably the best example, if you would hear us live, of what you would hear,” Victor said.

Some critics like Koffin Kats because of its cacophony of different sounds.  

“The Koffin Kats are a trio that plays solid and intense pyschobilly, soaked in gasoline and nurtured in the confines of a cramped van, who deliver rock solid music every chance they get,” said M. Alberto Rivera, a writer for The Beachside Resident.

Tickets are $6 at the door the day of the show.

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