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Ohio State fraternity under investigation

Katie Higgins / Lantern photographer

Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, located at 165 E. 15th Ave., is being investigated on the local and national levels for undisclosed reasons, said Martin Cobb, director of communications at the administrative offices of the fraternity.

“We’re still in the process of moving through conversations and investigations in the chapter,” Cobb said. “We’re not at a point where we can make definitive statements in one way or the other.”

Clark Siddle, president of the OSU Interfraternity Council, said the IFC could not divulge additional information at this time.

Siddle said the investigation is in the hands of the administrative offices of Beta Theta Pi at a national level because the original complaint was filed with them, but the IFC and the Office of Student Life are continuing to investigate what they can.

“We’re aware that an investigation is being conducted and we will hold the chapter accountable to our council’s standards at the appropriate time,” Siddle said. “We are investigating and gathering information, but they were the first ones to receive the complaint, so we will use the information they gather to make our conclusions too.”

After the administrative offices of Beta Theta Pi gather the information necessary to release the results of their investigation, the IFC will follow up on the information to determine the appropriate ramifications, Siddle said.

“From there we either come to a ruling that the punishment has been sufficient and they’re providing a good educational sanction, or we can add to the punishment, which has happened before, if we feel like it isn’t adequate,” Siddle said.

Several brothers of Beta Theta Pi declined to comment on the investigation and a voicemail left with the fraternity’s president was unanswered as of Thursday evening.

The Fraternal Information and Programming Group’s (FIPG) risk management policy, which applies “to all fraternity entities and all levels of fraternity membership,” outlines several provisions of which fraternal organizations are required to abide by. The provisions outline specific guidelines for the use of alcohol and drugs, hazing, safety, sexual abuse and harassment.

Any one of these issues could lead to an investigation of a fraternal organization.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, the Beta Theta Pi chapter at Ohio University was suspended in 2011 for serving alcohol at a party while on probation, and “the same fraternity was suspended from 1995 to ’98 for similar problems,” the article read.

The Beta Theta Pi headquarters are located in Oxford, Ohio.

If the Beta Theta Pi is suspended, it won’t be the first time a fraternity was suspended at OSU.

According to an article in The Lantern, the Delta Chi Fraternity was suspended in 2003 for hazing, alcohol and safety violations.

Katie Higgins contributed to this story.

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