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Ohio State student, rapper looking for path to success

Courtesy of Andrew Williams

Ohio State student by day, MC and producer by night.

Jared Young, whose stage name is PATH, short for Producing All The Hits, is a fourth-year in strategic communication. He is throwing an album release party for his newest album, “Ethiopiates,” scheduled to take place at 10 p.m. Friday at Carabar, located at 115 Parsons Ave.

PATH will perform at the release party, alongside artists P. Blackk, whose real name is Pedro Fequiere, and Nemo Achida.

The release party is the fifth night of the Carabar’s “Buggin Out” series, which features a different artist each night. Admission to the event is free.

Young said he is excited to perform at Carabar because he grew up in Columbus.

“Carabar is my favorite bar,” Young said. “I’m excited to perform here because Columbus is known for its growing music scene.”

During Young’s childhood, he stumbled across hip-hop and found a passion for producing and recording his own sounds.

“It started when I was 15, just making music in my mom’s basement,” Young said. “It’s not like my family listened to hip-hop. It was just something I found as a mischievous little kid.”

Growing up in the music scene and experimenting with different ideas, Young began recording and producing his own music, eventually to reach out to DJ Giovanny, whose real name is Giovanny Bacigalupo, of Power 107.5, which played the “Ethiopiates” mixtape.

“(‘Ethiopiates’) is something different,” Giovanny said. “I was really into that and that was the big selling point.”

Young describes his music as a head-trip with a party-setting beat, which he said is one of the first album of its kind.

“I think there is a lot of artistic value with the record,” Young said. “I hope people see I’m trying to do something more innovative and creative, but still bring that commercial mainstream audience.

“It is some trippy, head-in-the-cloud music. … I wanted to create a more psychedelic feeling. It can form a sort of déjà-vu.”

Woodrow Wilson, whose real name is Dan Conners, is Young’s longtime friend and OSU alumnus. He is an artist featured on the “Ethiopiates” mixtape, and said Young’s music is different than most artists on the radio or mainstream music.

“PATH’s verses and rhyme style is complex,” Wilson said. “He has multiple rhyme patterns. The beats on (‘Ethiopiates’) are very unique.”

Giovanny describes Young’s music as original and against the norm.

“When I listen to music, I close my eyes and picture colors,” Giovanny said. “Like when I listen to The Beatles, I see black and white. When I listen to PATH’s music it is like every f—ing color imaginable. That’s what I like.”

“Ethiopiates” features many producers and other artists, such as Beautiful Lou and North Kid.

“There are a lot of producers on (‘Ethiopiates’), but it’s all the same realm,” Young said. “It all fits, and the music is cohesive.”

Young and Wilson said all students and music fans should take advantage of the popular music scene that Columbus has to offer, whether they are a fan or not.

For those who are unfamiliar with the “cloud rap” Young and his fellow artists make, “Buggin Out 5″ makes for a chance to have an enjoyable time and soak up the music environment, Young said.

“All it takes is a little luck and a lot of drive,” Young said. “You can make your dreams come true.”

PATH is also scheduled to perform at Skully’s Music-Diner May 8 with Timeflies, May 11 with Chip Tha Ripper, and May 19 with ARAABMUZIK.

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