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400 W. Rich St. to be an ‘outlet’ for disco, electronic music

Courtesy of Brandie Story

When Noir attendees enter the warehouse where the event is held, attendees dressed in black will be transported into another dimension in which elaborate visuals and electronic music flow together to mix the old with the new.

Noir is scheduled to begin 9 p.m. Friday in a warehouse located at 400 W. Rich St.

Detroit DJs Brian Kage and Luke Hess, and producer Seth Yender are scheduled to perform at the event, which is an official pre-party for the Movement Electronic Music Festival, which is scheduled to run in Detroit May 26-28.

Noir is also a celebration of the 10th anniversary of Squared, a Columbus-based design and marketing company that has been throwing events since 2002.

“It was just an outlet for us to have fun,” said Scott Litch, president of Squared. “That is kind of how Squared started.”

Columbus DJ Aaron Austen agreed.

“It was a chance to do what we loved, see who turned out and earn a couple of bucks while having fun,” Austen said.

Austen, owner/operator of Run614 Productions, is also scheduled to perform at Noir in a set with DJ Jason Allen and Ill Atmospherics percussionist Don Carlos.
Run614 is a partner for the event.

DJ Dedikate, whose real name is Seth Carter, will be spinning some disco, retro house and funk/soul music. Alberto Scirocco, originally from Milan, Italy, is scheduled to play a set as well.

Video production artist JR Gualtieri, an OSU alumnus, will be doing the event visuals, which are expected to be a main attraction, Litch said.

“Let me put it this way, with what we are doing on the video projections, a lot of light would take away from what JR is going to accomplish,” Litch said.

Attendees are encouraged to wear all black to Noir in an attempt to keep the focus on the party, Litch said.

A percentage of the proceeds from the door, concessions and sale of sponsored products will go toward Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign to end childhood hunger in the United States.

Noir will also have giveaways early in the evening.

“The idea is to have a gift bag full of gifts, discounts from local stores and maybe some swag,” Litch said.

Austen said the event’s goal is to create a dance-club environment that also drops jaws.

“It will have a ‘wow’ factor where you walk down a hallway and turn and you see a crazy light stage,” Austen said.

Litch agreed.

“We are trying to do something completely different, take it out of the bar environment and move it into a truly dance-club environment,” Litch said.

Attendees must bring their own alcohol and there will be a check-in for their beverages in a way similar to a coat check. Mixers will be provided.

“You check it in and they will either write your name down or give you a number that will correlate with a ticket that they give you to carry,” Austen said.

Noir is set to provide a variety of selections of electronic music.

“It will start out more chill and get more high energy as the night goes on,” Litch said.

Amy Burns, a Run614 promoter, said though performers won’t play to the same genre, their expertise will carry the event.

“It lends a more mature approach to the electronic music scene,” Burns said. “These are the godfathers of the scene, and their taste in music is impeccable.”

Advanced tickets price at $10, available at www.residentadvisor.net.

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