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Comic book fans, students swarm Gateway for ‘The Avengers’ premiere

Amanda Pierce / Lantern photographer

The Lantern will have daily coverage this week of “The Avengers,” which hit theaters Friday.

For dedicated fans across the nation, the release of “The Avengers” was an evening to eat popcorn, hang out with friends and play dress up.

Every theater at Gateway Film Center screened the 12:01 a.m. movie premiere of “The Avengers” Friday and tickets were sold out.

Hours before the doors opened,  lines of people stretched through the entire Gateway area. 

Many fans opted for a super hero T-shirt while a few others took their dress code to the next level, dressing up as characters from “The Avengers.”

Teresa Wengert, an Ohio State student in consumer and family financial service, chose to dress up as Wonder Woman after attending a superhero themed party.

“I’m not a huge comic book fan, but I had the costume from Halloween, and I know Wonder Woman isn’t an Avenger, but we had the party and it’s fun,” Wengert said.

Some OSU students made their own costumes.

Jeremy Shechter, a third-year in industrial and systems engineering, designed his own Thor attire, down to the cutoff sleeves and bluish circles down the front of the costume.

“This is a classic Thor costume,” Shechter said. “I chose him because (Thor) is just a badass.”

Whether a dedicated fan or not, students and Columbus residents packed the movie theater with high expectations for the film.

“I dressed up because, why not?” said Redell Olivace, 22, a Columbus State student. “The Marvel movies are always good, and this one should be too.”

Olivace dressed up as Captain America, sporting a face mask and shield.

Wengert said even though she wasn’t an avid comic book fan, she was still looking forward to the film.

“I think comic books are fun because people get to see the whole superhero theme,” Wengert said. “There’s people fighting crime, and everyone loves superheroes.”

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