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Commentary: Skrillex concert beats out most other Ohio State memories

Kelly Roderick / Lantern photographer

Walking out of the Big Free Concert on South Oval Saturday evening left me with a thought: This is what being a student at the greatest university in the world during spring is all about.

Prior to Saturday, I knew the event would be a good time. For the Ohio Union Activities Board to put together such a big-name lineup as Mac Miller and Skrillex free for all students is an accomplishment in itself. The turnout was just as remarkable, as South Oval and its surrounding areas were crammed full of students.

Personally, I could care less for Mac Miller. In two years he’ll probably just end up as the next Asher Roth, and the hip-hop industry will not miss him.

Skrillex was the headliner that drew me to the South Oval.  

People can say all they want about dubstep. I heard someone compare Skrillex’s “Summit” to dial-up Internet at the bar one night. Aside from that one person complaining, everyone else seemed to enjoy it.

The Big Free Concert reflected my experience that night at the bar.

There were a few people complaining about the “noise” as they called it, but the high majority of those in attendance were captivated by electronic tunes Skrillex had to offer.

For a bunch of college students shoulder to shoulder listening to some pretty intense music, things were a bit more wild than I thought they would be. There were a few girls on their boyfriends’ shoulders so they could see something other than the back of a sweaty stranger, but there were also people climbing up light poles to snap a few photos or record videos on their phones.

No concert is complete without some crowd surfing and moshing, I even joined in on some of those festivities.

However, some people didn’t understand that if they were standing within 20 feet of the stage, they would be thrown into the moshpit. But that’s what you have to expect at a concert for Skrillex or any other heavy bass rock or electric music.  

School work and my job have consumed my three years at OSU thus far. Compared to some other students here, unfortunately, I haven’t had much of a chance to take advantage of other free concerts and events in the past.

OUAB set up a great night Saturday, and I finally understand firsthand the hype behind their events. It’s one I’ll never forget in my experience at this great university.

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