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Friday Fashion: Blot away looking like a clown this summer with light makeup, moisturizer

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Generally, makeup is meant to enhance your looks. However, with the summer months right around the corner, your look can go from made up to melted after one walk across the Oval.

Part of the problem is using the same makeup regimen throughout the entire year. The amount of products you use on your face in the winter should not be the same as what you use in the summer.

On hot and humid days, start with a lighter base. This means opting for tinted moisturizer or sheer foundation that won’t clog your pores. Using liquid or cream formulas is OK, but being able to dust some powder over your face without too much coverage is ideal.

When it comes to anything you put on your face during these next few months, formulas with SPF 15 or higher are a must. The sun will be at its strongest, and even if you’re only outside for a short period of time, the UVB/UVA rays can still do damage. Twenty years from now, you’ll be thrilled you opted for the safer way to get glam.

A common indicator of a hot day is seeing girls with raccoon eyes walking across the Oval. If you have extremely long eyelashes or like to wear tons of mascara to highlight your eyes, it’s a good idea to consider using a waterproof formula. While waterproof makeup is more difficult to remove, you’ll maintain your doe-eyed look all day long.

Any type of liquid or thick eyeliner is also something you’ll want to steer clear of on warmer days. Like your mascara, it will end up melting away to nothing more than a smudge across your eyelid, and no one wants to deal with complicated liners just to have it wear off by the end of the day.

It’s also probably a good idea to start with a primer base for all of your makeup. Look for primers, which are available at almost any department store or beauty product store, that have the word “matte” in their description. These will work best for absorbing the high amounts of oil your skin produces and will keep your face shine free.

The key to warm weather makeup is the idea that less is more. The more products you put on your face, the more oil your skin will produce, which leaves a higher chance of you looking like a clown by the end of the day. However, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is not moisturizing, which can cause your skin to produce even more excess oil leading to unwanted breakouts and shiny skin.

A miracle product for these next few months is blotting cloths. These tiny miracles fit into any purse, backpack or even your pocket. Use one every few hours to pat your face clear of oils and you’ll be looking fresh all day long.

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