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Manly or unmanly a new iPhone app, ManCard decides

Courtesy of ManCard

Ever want to take away someone’s man card? Well, there’s an app for that.

Five Ohio State students and graduates created an app called ManCard where users can post pictures and vote on which images are “manly” or “unmanly.”

“With ManCard, we’re creating a dialogue between men,” said Jay Clouse, a second-year in finance and co-founder of the app. “Men sometimes don’t connect as well – especially if they’re foreign to each other. If two couples … go out on a double date and the girls know each other, the guys talk about sports and maybe the weather and that’s usually where the conversation ends.”

Some pictures that have been posted to the app include a man brushing his teeth with Sriracha sauce, men with children and men eating the Thurmanator, a 24-ounce burger at Thurman’s Café in German Village.

One of the big features of the app is the “challenges,” Clouse said.

“Our newest challenge is going to be the Greek Challenge,” he said. “We’re very interested to see who is the manliest fraternity on campus. We think it has a lot of great potential because it’s very competitive.”

For the Greek Challenge, users are encouraged to post their pictures to ManCard and post their fraternity’s name as the description, Clouse said.

The ManCard brand is a “bootstrap” company, Clouse said, meaning the team members are funding the app themselves. He said they hope to make money via brands they do challenges with.

Saturday, ManCard paired up with another OSU start-up company, PongMats, for a beer pong tournament in Columbus.

PonMats is a company that sells “non-slip rubber mats made specifically for beer pong that catch spills and keeps your cups in their place,” according to its website.

“We got a lot of involvement with that, and a lot of pictures,” Clouse said.

Along with challenges, ManCard promotes the app through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The app’s Facebook page has almost 230 “likes” as of Wednesday and has almost 520 followers on Twitter.

While Clouse does not have an iPhone to use the app, co-founder and 2011 OSU alumna Suzy Bureau does.

“I have the second-highest man score on our ManCard team,” she said.

Bureau is the only female on the ManCard team. She said she thinks being “manly” is more of a concept, therefore use of the app should not exclude women, she said.

“I mean, I can shoot whiskey, I can parallel park my truck, I can do a lot of traditionally ‘manly’ things,” Bureau said.

ManCard is also teaming up with Pursuit, a pop-up men’s suiting store in the South Campus Gateway.

“Pursuit might be small, but they have an amazing product,” Bureau said. “They’re converting a lot of badly dressed dudes into attractive men with their suits.”

Bureau said after talking with Pursuit CEO Nate DeMars, the idea just “worked” because of the “manly” products the store carries.

DeMars said when men buy a suit at Pursuit, he and the staff slip a “manly” card into a pocket of the purchased suit for the customer to find when he goes home.

The ManCard team also slips “manly” and “unmanly” cards to men at bars or other public, social places around campus, DeMars said.

The cards are square pieces of cardboard with the ManCard graphic on the front and the back will read either “You have been caught doing something manly,” or “You have been caught doing something unmanly.”

“The ‘unmanly’ cards are not as well received,” Clouse said.

As for the future of the app, Clouse said the team hopes to add a feature called “Bro Tips,” with a tip of the day similar to something one might read on Men’s Humor’s Twitter feed.

Men’s Humor is a Twitter page, with nearly two million followers, of “Humorous tweets tailored for men,” according to its Twitter bio.

“Like, ‘If you let your girlfriend crack the whip, you’re not a man,'” Clouse said.

The app is free to download from the iTunes app store and is only available for the iPhone.

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