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Ohio State women’s soccer player raps up talent show stage

Katie Higgins / Lantern photographer

Whether it’s taking the stage for a rap show or taking the field as her team’s leading scorer, one Ohio State women’s soccer player is almost always ready to perform.
Junior Tiffany Cameron of the OSU women’s soccer team started rapping when she was in eighth grade. The Ontario native started taking her career more seriously when she came to the United States.
“I liked Eminem growing up and I just thought maybe I could do something. I rapped to other people and it gradually got pretty good,” she said.
Cameron performed a high-energy rap about OSU while teammates danced in the background during the Buckeyes Got Talent event held Tuesday at St. John Arena. The song included shout-outs to sophomore football player Braxton Miller and former OSU basketball player Jared Sullinger.
Sophomore midfielder Danica Wu, said she was proud of her teammate’s performance.
“Tiffany likes to be creative and she freestyles all the time,” Wu said. “It’s a lot of fun with her and she lightens the mood during practice.”
High school friend Ryan Greco traveled from Ontario to cheer Cameron on at the event.
“Since she’s come to Ohio, she found her element and has become a much, much better performer, artist, lyricist,” he said. “It’s just off the pages compared to what it was even three years ago.”
Cameron said her friends and parents have supported her from Day 1.
“I love to do different stuff so my parents always support me, and they are happy it’s something new,” she said. “My mom is my biggest fan pretty much.”
Cameron’s goals are more than becoming a professional athlete.
“I would love to write lyrics for artists, that’s my main thing,” Cameron said.
Cameron received third place at the event, which raised money for The Boys and Girls Club of Columbus.
“It’s fun and it’s something different, and they are surprised with this extra talent,” Cameron said.

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