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Review: Neon Trees making sure ‘Everybody Talks’ about Columbus concert

Alexis Preskar / Lantern Photographer

There are vocalists, and then there are performers. There are concerts, and then there are shows. Neon Trees is a band of performers who put on one hell of a show Wednesday night at the Newport Music Hall.

The crowd started off with minimal energy level, but the two opening acts, The Active Set and Twin Atlantic, fixed that problem before Neon Trees went on stage.

The Active Set impressed audiences as it began the quest to thrill a mellow crowd. It performed songs from its most recent album, “11”, and brought some extra energy for a strong finish to its last concert on the tour.

Scottish band Twin Atlantic raised the energy of the Newport, and the volume of the speakers. It was the only band Wednesday that had me worried my eardrums would be permanently damaged.

That minor quibble aside, Twin Atlantic had the audience fully engaged and with hands in the air and screaming. Songs such as “Yes I Was Drunk” took the energy level from kind-of-there to a full-on party atmosphere.

Cheers erupted when Neon Trees finally burst onto the stage under flashing lights after 10 p.m. The show definitely met my expectations. It seemed to have impressed the rest of the audience just as much because crowd surfing began halfway into the first song.

It was one of the highest-energy performances I have ever seen, and when Tyler Glenn threw his sunglasses into the roaring audience, I realized Neon Trees feeds off of the audience’s energy.

The group performed most of its popular hits, such as “Everybody Talks,” “Mad Love” and a piano ballad version of “Your Surrender.”

As Glenn put it, “I don’t write love songs, I write lust songs,” which set the theme for the track list that evening.

“We’re not lying when we say that the Newport is our favorite venue in the United States. … Every time, you just fill it up!” Glenn said to the packed venue.

The audience showed its appreciation for Neon Trees when the band played its hit single “Animal” as its final song before a two-song encore.

Neon Trees impressed with its high-energy performance and its lovable alternative tracks. It engaged the audience so that it felt a part of the show.

The performance certainly took a bite out of audience’s heart that night.

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