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Tech review: Wireless headphones convenient, un’beat’able

Courtesy of Tenqa

The reason every pair of headphones I have ever owned, maybe 12 in total, has broken is because the wire becomes frayed at the plug-in point and the sound cuts out of one ear, and then eventually the other.

My new pair of headphones will never do that.

That is because Tenqa REMXD headphones are wireless Bluetooth headphones. The $40 pair of headphones automatically connect to the computers that I have linked them to using the wireless technology and broadcast my music more than 30 feet if there aren’t thick walls in the way.

I think the REMXD headphones are terrific. They can link to iPhones, computers, iPads or whatever Bluetooth device you have. All I have to do is walk into my apartment and the headphones automatically connect to my home computer. I walk into work and they automatically connect to my work computer, no buttons pressed. The convenience of wireless audio is definitely worth the money.

The headphones are not aimed at audiophiles, though. They are definitely aimed at the casual music listener. While clearly a class or two above the standard iPod headphones, the bass on the headphones is nowhere near Beats by Dre, and the midtones and noise canceling are definitely below where Bose headphones are at, but so is the price. Some of the cheapest over-ear Beats will run you a cool $199.99 at Best Buy, and Bose will cost about $299.99 at the same store.

Neither of those headphones are even wireless. The far cheaper Tenqa REMXD headphones have a wireless play/pause button and volume control, as well as a 3.5-millimeter audio jack for when listening to a device that doesn’t have Bluetooth.

The headphones are also capable of phone calls. So if you are rocking out while wirelessly connected to your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, like Android phones or iPhones, and you get a phone call, you can just hit the play button to answer and the hang up button to end the call.

The obvious limitation here is that the microphone for the phone call is built in to the headphone, so audio quality isn’t supreme. When I made a phone call using them, the person on the other line could hear everything around me, from cars driving by to people talking near me. That said, the person on the other line could still hear everything I was saying and the conversation was not strained by the audio.

For all of the features of the REMXD and their very low price, I am enamored with these headphones. I don’t need the crazy bass or super noise-canceling. I just need a quality pair of headphones. I can wander around my house without losing audio and will never break these from tugging on the cord because there is no cord to be tugged. The Tenqa REMXD are a solid pair of headphones with an unbeatable price and feature list.


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