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Two OSU students develop solar-powered car chargers

Anya Ursu / Lantern reporter

With 10 types of electric cars expected to be on the market by the end of this year, two Ohio State students are fully charging their entrepreneurial skills and developing a product that is environmentally friendly.
Daniel Broxmeyer, a third-year in city and regional planning, and Mihir Nandkeolyar, a fourth-year in electrical engineering, have partnered to create QuikSun, a solar-powered charging station for cars that is designed to save energy and money.
“There are only three electric cars on the market right now, but in the next five years, there are going to be substantially more. We want to beat companies to the punch and have the chargers ready to go before that happens,” Broxmeyer said.
The Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt were once the only competitors of plug-in cars on the U.S. market. In the next several weeks, Ford will be delivering the Ford Focus Electric vehicles to those who have placed reservations for them.
Nandkeolyar said QuikSun will be a two- to four-hour charger and will be designed to save customers thousands of dollars on gas every year.
“We’re trying to develop what the actual charger will look like. We’re considering canopy-style charging stations as well as ones that resemble parking meters,” Nandkeolyar said.
One pole-mounted charger is expected to cost roughly $4,500 to develop and can charge two cars at once.
“We don’t expect a full charge to cost more than $20 for the largest electric vehicle. That’s a lot less than gas today,” Nandkeolyar said.
Broxmeyer and Nandkeolyar have acquired private investors whose names were not disclosed, that are helping fund the development of QuikSun.
The two entrepreneurs have officially filed with the state of Texas for a Limited Liability Company and have a tax identification number.
An LLC is a business or organization with precise characteristics. The owners are considered members and have limited responsibility for any debts incurred within the business, making it a favorable option for someone looking to start a company.
Broxmeyer and Nandkeolyar plan to launch QuikSun in Dallas, Texas, in Fall 2013.
“This is more of an environmental goal than anything,” Nandkeolyar said. “We want to help conserve energy and to help move people toward buying electric vehicles. This is as close to green energy as you’re going to get.”

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