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Web tease: Ross Mathews raises LGBT awareness at Ohio State

Jeremy Meehan / Lantern photographer

Comedian and TV personality Ross Mathews let his voice be heard on a topic many people might have a loss of words for.

Mathews, who has made regular appearances on The Tonight Show and Chelsea Lately, visited the Ohio Union Monday evening for an Ohio Union Activities Board-sponsored event in order to talk to students and kick off the Fine By Me campaign, which will be taking place on campus throughout this week

“I’m super lucky to have a voice, so if I can plant a little seed of goodness out there, why not do it?” Mathews said in an interview with The Lantern.

Jordan Kelsey, founder and current president of Fine By Me, created the organization this past October to expose the support there is on campus for the LGBT community.

“I came as a freshman and as a stranger to Ohio State. I didn’t really know how to come out or who to start telling, and what I’ve come to find out is there’s a lot more support than I ever realized,” Kelsey said.

He said the purpose of the campaign is not to change anyone’s opinion, but to raise awareness about the issues that are faced by the LGBT youth and to gain support.

“I think (Mathews) will bring a good light to the campaign,” Carina Carpenter, a second-year in social work, said. “Especially with him being gay, I think it will open a lot of peoples’ eyes and give perspective.”

Throughout the week, Fine By Me campaign will be giving out T-shirts on the oval and partnering up with other organizations, such as OUAB and TEDx Ohio State University, to put on various events.

“The whole point of the campaign is for some young Buckeye, who might be struggling with their sexuality, to see the shirts and to see the programs and to realize there’s this large network of support around them they didn’t even know existed,” Kelsey said.

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