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Workaholics’ back with new ‘shenanigans’ in season 3

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Roommates and telemarketing “workaholics” are making their return to Comedy Central this week, bringing viewers a reason to laugh, for a third season, about serious issues such as obesity and dealing with drugs.

Season three of Comedy Central’s show “Workaholics,” will premiere its first of 10 new episodes at 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday, following the premiere of a new episode of “Tosh.0.”

“Workaholics” centers around three friends, Blake, played by Blake Anderson, Adam, played by Adam DeVine, and Ders, played by Anders Holm, who live and work together as telemarketers.

The trio also created the show and aired its first episode in April 2011.

“We’re just a group of really good friends that have a lot of inside jokes, and luckily we’re ambitious and wanted to make comedy,” DeVine said. “And we were able to put it out there and now kind of everybody’s in on that inside joke.”

Anderson said they tried to base the show on their own lives and what they personally find humorous.

“Some of the episodes come from real-life stories or exaggerated real times in our lives,” Anderson said in a conference call with The Lantern. “Other things are just inspiration from what you think would be the funniest thing to see on TV.”

DeVine agreed, and said their characters almost match their own personalities.

“They’re kind of based off real, exaggerated versions of ourselves,” he said. “We enhance any little character flaw we have in real life and exaggerate it to 10 for comedic purposes. Except that I’m actually dumber in real life than I am in the TV show.”

DeVine said the show has a tendency to get into some “touchy” subjects, but Comedy Central rarely restricts its ideas.

“They’ve been really cool with us,” DeVine said. “If we stick by it and we all think it’s funny, then they usually let us do it.”

There’s only been one occasion, DeVine said, when the network had to interfere with the trio’s creative vision for the show.

“One episode, we tried to make an American flag that wouldn’t burn to sell through TelAmeriCorp,” he said. “But in the process we needed to burn American flags and they were like, ‘You can’t burn American flags,’ but other than that, they’ve been cool.”

The first two seasons featured episodes consisting of an office camp-out that involved “tripping” on mushrooms, amateur body building competitions, trying to catch a child predator, hanging out with “juggalos,” or fans of Insane Clown Posse, stealing a dragon statue and celebrating “half Christmas.”

Devine said the third season will include just as many “crazy shenanigans.”

“We’re tackling some real serious issues, like obesity and finding new drug dealers and doing hallucinogens on business trips,” DeVine said. “Stuff that the youth of America and young adults really want to know about. We’re doing a public service.”

Anderson agreed.

“It’s still the exact same show that it was in the last season,” he said. “We’re just going to keep being crazier and funnier.”

DeVine said the cast and creators are more confident with season three because they are more experienced, having already completed two seasons.

“I think this is going to be the funniest, most outrageous season that we’ve done,” DeVine said. “We’re comfortable now, we’ve done 20 episodes and now we’re just a little bit better about what we’re doing.”

Since the show started, DeVine said the creators have become pretty well-known.

“It’s awesome, we’re kind of famous now,” he said. “I have friends that say, ‘Don’t you hate that people you don’t even know are nice to you for no reason?’ I’m like, ‘No it’s freaking awesome.’ It’s so cool that people are just nice to us all the time.”

Anderson credited the show’s success to creating what they would like TV to feature, and to Comedy Central for letting them put it on screen.

“We make the TV show that we would want to watch,” Anderson said. “Compared to some network shows, they tend to be fake, and it’s cool that Comedy Central allows us to just go for the kind of jokes we want to go for, they let us retain our voice.”

DeVine also said he thinks the show has been successful because people can relate to the characters.

“I think we’re relatable,” he said. “When you’re in college, these are the kinds of jobs that you get right out of school, and you’re living with your friends, you pull pranks on each other and you dare each other to do stupid s— so I feel it’s pretty relatable and it gives you cool ideas, like poop in a dollar and who picks it up.”

Some college students are looking forward to what season three has to offer.

David Stacy, a second-year in business management at Columbus State Community College, said he loves the show and plans on catching every episode of the new season.

“Personally, I find the stupidity of others hilarious, so naturally I find this show’s humor perfect,” Stacy said in an email. “And I’m hoping this season is the funniest one yet. I can only hope this one will blow them out of the water.”

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