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Zombies to kickstart Family Force 5 video

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Hundreds of zombies will hit the streets of Columbus this weekend. But don’t worry, they’re not after your brains.

Christian rock band Family Force 5 is shooting a music video for its new song “Zombie,” Saturday and Sunday in downtown Columbus off West Rich Street, and is giving fans a chance to be a part of it.

With the help from fundraising website kickstarter.com, fans have the opportunity to act as zombies in the music video.

For $25-$50, fans can be in the video as a zombie character. Their costume options include regular zombies, zombie hunters, zombie police, vintage zombies, celebrity zombies, Ohio

State fan zombies and gangster zombies, said lead singer, Solomon Olds, better known by his stage name, Soul Glow Activatur.

There are also higher tiers. If a fan pays $100, they can be dancing zombies, and for $200, they can be a VIZ of very important zombie, who will eat dinner with the band before the shoot and receive personal attention from the band concerning makeup and wardrobe, or $1,000 to shadow a Family Force 5 member throughout the day.

Two fans who pledge $2,500 or more can work as executive producers for the video.

Although the deadline to back the project on Kickstarter is Wednesday at midnight, Olds said fans can still show up and offer their monetary support Saturday if they want to be a part of the video.

The music video will have a “Thriller”-esque type feel, but with simpler choreography, Olds said.

“Me and one of my band mates, Nadaddy (Nathan Currin), end up being two cops just checking the scene out and eventually we get taken over by one of our band mates, named Crouton (Jacob Olds), the head zombie, and he ends up having a whole zombie herd and everybody ends up being overtaken in the video,” Olds said. “It ends up, from the bridge on, just being a huge zombie dance party.”

Vocalist Currin, who also plays synthesizer, said he expects the best part of the experience to be giving fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“To give back to the fans and give them an experience with us, I think is really valuable to a band like ours whose main focus is being interactive and approachable to the kids,” Currin said.

“We want to be real to them and we want to let them know that we love them and are super excited to have an amazing zombie weekend with them.”

After the shoot, which is scheduled to begin at 3 p.m. Saturday and end early Sunday morning, there will be a “Zombie Wrap Celebration Concert,” open to anyone who backed $50 or more.

The concert is scheduled to be held at The Basement, where the band will perform the song “Zombie” for the first time, as well as a new song called “Cray Button.”

“We’re just going to do a quick concert, probably DJ a little, and we’re asking everybody to … get their makeup (back) on and everybody show up as zombies,” Olds said. “It’s going to be amazing, like a little get-together dance party for everyone that was on the shoot.”

Solomon Olds’ brother and bandmate, drummer Jacob Olds said due to the band’s heavy fan base in Columbus, picking the city as the location for its video was a no-brainer.

“Columbus has just shown us so much love over the years, and everybody in Ohio who has ever come out to a show or supports us in Ohio, they’re all crazy and they’re ready to just party all the time,” Jacob Olds said. “Ohioans are good peeps.”

With a goal of $10,000 that was met in the first three days of the project, Solomon Olds said this is something the band will most likely continue to do in other states with future music videos.

“It goes to show you that you don’t need record labels and you don’t need radio power,” Solomon Olds said. “You just need the power of your fans and just the power of fun.”

The project has raised more than $28,000 and has about 400 attendees, as of Wednesday evening.

The music video for “Zombie” is scheduled to premiere June 5.

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