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Commentary: Rihanna needs to find love outside of Drake, Chris Brown

Courtesy of MCT

Yes, Chris Brown and Drake are pathetic for their recent night club brawling escapades, but do you want to know who’s more pathetic out of all of this?


Details on what happened are sketchy, but whatever happened Thursday morning at W.i.P. in New York City, it’s another scar on Brown’s legacy, and maybe even Rihanna’s.

TMZ reported that Drake began yelling at Brown in the club, presumably over his relationship with Rihanna, when the rappers’ entourages began fighting. Bottles flew, faces were injured (San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker’s among them) and the club was shut down Saturday.

We all know what Brown did to Rihanna and that’s he’s a certified d-bag. It’s not like the Rihanna incident was an isolated one. Remember when he shattered a glass and Hulk-smashed a dressing room on “Good Morning America” last May?

He needs help. That much is obvious.

But so does Rihanna.

Drake reportedly had a thing for Rihanna, which is presumably what spurred the night club brawl. As funny as it is to picture the man responsible for “Marvins Room” (Drake) engaging in a fight, I have to say he’s in the right here.

I mean, after all, he’s not the one who beat Rihanna up.

But apparently there’s a third party involved here: rapper Meek Mill. Meek Mill, whose real name is Robert Williams, was also at the club that night and is allegedly getting some Rihanna action. Drake has eschewed blame upon him for the fight.

Maybe we shouldn’t be pointing fingers at Brown, Drake or Meek Mill here. Maybe we should be pointing fingers at Rihanna.

Her “IDGAF” attitude about life in general doesn’t seem to be working out too well. I don’t want to pardon Brown for what he did to her, but if she’s truly making the rounds with rappers, maybe she’s the one to blame for all this drama.

She seems to be emotionally volatile. Response to rumors that she’s back together with Brown has been overwhelmingly negative, but that’s a whole other can of worms.

And have you ever checked out her tweets? They can be pretty eye-opening, ranging from shockingly sexual to surprisingly angry when she engages in arguments with random nobodies.

It sounds to me like she needs to settle down, escape this love triangle (or is it a square?) and prioritize.

True, Brown, Drake and Meek Mill shouldn’t be acting like total goons about this. It sounds like a pretty high-school thing to do. It’s like two bucks hooking antlers over a mate. They need to grow up.

I sympathize with Rihanna over what she’s been through. I wouldn’t be surprised if what Brown did to her left her emotionally scarred and has contributed to her lifestyle.

She needs to get that fixed up, though. She needs to find guys not like Brown and Drake who have IQs more than 60. They are not da ones for her.

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