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Cuzzins Yogurt set to open on campus, will feature new ice cream

Daniel Chi / Lantern photographer

Students no longer have to drive to Lane Avenue or Hilliard to get their fix of Cuzzins Yogurt.

The locally-owned frozen-yogurt business is set to open on High Street this week.

Jeanie Patrick, co-owner of Cuzzins, said the owners are waiting for approval from the health department.

“They’re due in on Monday,” she said. “As soon as they approve it, we will be able to open. We’re putting in supplies and making sure that everything’s clean and ready. We’ve got all of our products. It’s ready to open other than approval from the health department.”

Patrick said there will be a few differences between the High Street and other locations, including the introduction of a new product.

“We will be carrying a hard-packed ice cream that is caffeinated called ‘Bang!'” Patrick said.

Despite the expected popularity of the new location, Patrick said the store will be smaller than others in the area.

“It’s a smaller store because spaces on campus are kind of limited,” she said. “The store doesn’t have any table seating for that very reason.”

Patrick is not particularly worried about being able to compete with other restaurants on High Street.

“There are tons and tons of really good places on High Street and campus and there are places that have juice and they have yogurt in their juice,” she said. “I think that we’re just going to be a good complement to the good choices and the variety that is already there.”

The new Cuzzins location will join Cold Stone Creamery and Berry Blendz in the South Campus Gateway and two High Street UDF locations in the off-campus frozen treats business.

Austin Hutchison, a third-year in marketing, has never been to Cuzzins, but said it was probably a good business decision to put a location near campus.

“It seems like there is a lot of buzz around this location opening up,” he said. “I think there’s been a few other restaurants (and) yogurt shops in this location that have failed. I think this one probably has enough brand awareness to maybe survive this location which seems not to be exactly the luckiest for businesses that come here.”

The storefront was previously occupied by Red Mango, a national frozen yogurt chain.

Sarah Grainger, a third-year in international studies and anthropology, said she is really excited for the new store.

“My friends and I always go to the one on Lane, but it’s so far away that you have to drive,” she said. “I’m also slightly scared because the fact that it’s so close means I’ll be coming here way more often than I should.”


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