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Sheer stupidity’: Intoxication spray will create issues

As if our generation needed another excuse or pathway for intoxication, French-American scientist David Edwards has released a spray, which, when ingested, causes brief intoxication with no after-effects. No puking. No headaches. You can even pass an alcohol test.
Designed by Philippe Starck, instant delirium (or should I say “poison”) has been neatly packaged in a sleek aluminum tube. I can see this new product taking off with the 18-25 demographic like no other. In fact, it’s a common stereotype that most college students spend four years’ worth of weekends in a drunken stupor. Congratulations to Edwards for inventing a product which takes away any and all effort required by individuals to make complete fools of themselves.
With headlines such as “Finally, A Spray Which Gets You Instantly Drunk In A Few Seconds” or “This Spray Will Get You Instantly Drunk – But Only For A Few Seconds”, the WA

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