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Evidence of severe storm still present on campus, costs yet to be determined

Andrew Holleran / Photo editor

Evidence of the force of a severe storm that blew through Ohio June 29 can still be seen in parts of the Ohio State campus, and the storm’s cost to the university is yet to be determined.

OSU’s Don Scott Airport and the OSU Equine Center at 3658 Kays Ave. await repairs to damage that resulted from the severe storm that also left nearly 146,000 without power the following Sunday.

The OSU Equine Center, which did not respond to The Lantern’s Tuesday request for comment, is still in need of a new roof for the main barn after a portion of the sheet-metal roof blew away during the storm. The wood beams that support the roof structure are now exposed.

In a July 1 email to The Lantern, Bob Armstrong, the university’s director for emergency management, said the entire roof will need to be replaced as a result of the damage.

OSU’s Don Scott airport, which is adjacent to the Equine Center, also suffered some structural damage – a glass door leading into the airport lobby from the tarmac remains shattered and held together with tape.

Additionally, a small plane that had been tethered to the ground was blown over during the storm. Structural damage to the plane’s right wing resulted.

An airport employee with knowledge of the damaged plane was encouraged by coworkers not to cooperate with The Lantern when asked about the plane.

In a Monday voicemail to The Lantern, Mark Briggs, the director of risk management and insurance for OSU said in regard to costs related to the storm: “We have not compiled information to get total numbers.”

Briggs did not respond to The Lantern’s additional inquiries regarding information about damage sustained on university property during the storm.  

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