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Lit to release musical combustion in Summerland Tour 2012 Columbus concert

Courtesy of Lit

One band ready to light up the stage in Columbus is Lit, a band that likens itself to a bomb going off onstage.

Lit is scheduled to perform alongside Everclear, Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms and Marcy Playground at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion outdoor venue Tuesday. The show is part of the Summerland Tour, and gates open at 6 p.m.

Since its start in 1989, the band has toured with acts such as No Doubt, The Offspring and Garbage and also changed its name three times, from Razzle to Stain to Lit.

It released its fifth and latest album “The View from the Bottom” June 19.

Guitarist Kevin Baldes is one of the original band members. He said the band has experienced some “gnarly things” between releasing its 2004 album “Lit” and “The View from the Bottom,” including the death of drummer Allen Shellenberger in 2009 due to brain cancer.

“After that happened, and we lost Allen, we decided we wanted to continue Lit, and added two new members to the band,” Baldes said.

He also said although the band struggled to get back on its feet following the loss of Shellenberger, it has grown up in the process.

“We’re getting older, so we write about the things going on in our lives, where we’re at now,” Baldes said. “We’re not fresh out of high school, we’re not singing about chasing chicks around the mall. We’ve gotten a little bit deeper, and we definitely have songs that everybody can relate to.”

Baldes said the band has written about losing Shellenberger because his death was a turning point for members of the band who were close to him.

“It was a time when we needed each other most,” Baldes said. “It’s when you take a stock in your friends and step back from life. It’s a turning point, and you realize you have to let some things go, take time to enjoy the people you’re with, and hold onto the good times.”

Baldes said the band has received “awesome” feedback from both old and new fans, which has been encouraging.

Marissa Luther, marketing manager at PromoWest Productions, said she grew up listening to Lit.

She also said despite Columbus’ recent spike in temperatures, which have recently peaked around 100 degrees, PromoWest expects a good turnout for the outdoor show.

“I don’t think the heat will turn anyone away,” Luther said. “We’re really excited for the show.”

Baldes said the band is ready to take on Columbus and light up the stage.

“We’re like a bomb going off onstage,” Baldes said. “We are professional yet spontaneous, and very energetic.”

Tickets are priced at $30 for the pit and $15 for the lawn.


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