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New Ohio State veterinary facility to bring students job opportunities

Distressed dogs in Dublin don’t need to travel far when Ohio State’s College of Veterinary Medicine’s new hospital opens its doors.
Dr. Rustin Moore, chair of the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences and associate dean for the clinical and outreach program, said the new facility, slated to open in spring, will offer jobs and new opportunities for students and more space for animals.
“The academic perspective will provide students a unique and complimentary experience,” Moore said. “It is a pretty robust program with a number of clinicals going on at one time.”
There also will be employment opportunities for pre-veterinary and veterinary students to work on weekends and in the summers.
Moore said students will cycle through core rotations so they receive additional experience in a private specialty hospital.
The Veterinary Medical Center opening in Dublin will be an expansion of the Hospital for Companion Animals and will be a 24-hour private specialty hospital, so vets can quiet the barking chain any time of night.
“We will have the ability to enroll additional patients, and this will benefit the animals. It will provide another service for clients, and also private practitioners,” he said. “It will service a feeder of patients that are more complex.”
The facility will provide 24-hour emergency services, specialty services such as general and orthopedic surgery and internal medicine.
“If clients and students are closer to Dublin than to Ohio State, the new vet center will definitely benefit a lot of people,” said Alex Bergman, a fifth-year in mechanical engineering. “It will also help the animals because they will be able to care for so many more.”
Megan Mickley, a third-year in consumer and family financial services, said she considers the employment opportunities to be the best part.
“With so many students trying to find jobs, it is great that they are providing employment for students. Especially undergraduates who need the experience,” Mickley said.
The university is planning an enhancement and expansion at the Veterinary Medical Center on campus, and the new facility will work as a “swing space,” Moore said.
According to a university release, the Veterinary Medical Center is one of the largest facilities in the world, and it offers more than 20 specialized areas of practice.
Moore said the new facilities will offer the same standard of care but it will be delivered in a different way. 

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