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Shortened summer affects grades, bank accounts

Andrew Holleran / Photo editor

For some students, frantic meetings with advisers, different numbers for classes and confusion marked the last few weeks of the Spring Quarter at Ohio State. Once schedules were figured out and finals were over, most students had the chance to make some money over the shorter summer.
Some students, such as Cody Anthony, a fifth-year in sports industry, saw the effects of the shorter summer on his wallet.
“I lost about two grand (in revenue) from the shorter summer,” Anthony said, who spent the summer working about 60 hours a week doing manufacturing work.
Students were assured that the tuition costs would be the same under 15-week semesters as they would during 10-week quarters, however, this does not take into account the cost to students who lost a month’s work of pay from their summer jobs. Students like Anthony work to pay for costs associated with school, and the business that owns the property where Anthony lives said his rent would be raised this year.
Some students taking summer classes said the shorter summer didn’t leave enough time to learn the class material.
Megan Webner, a third-year in human development and family science, elected to take more difficult classes over the shortened summer.
“It went by really fast,” she said.
Webner also said her grades suffered.
However, not all students saw the effects of the shorter summer.
First-year in biomedical engineering Alex Collyer, was not at OSU under the quarter system. He spent his summer going to graduation parties, watching television and reading books.

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