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Album review: ‘Push and Shove’ is a good album No Doubt

I have been a No Doubt fan since I was a little kid in the ’90s listening to the albums with my dad. And after the band’s nearly decade-long hiatus and newest release “Push and Shove,” I had no doubt that the band hasn’t changed a bit.

Like early No Doubt material, “Push and Shove” relies on frontwoman Gwen Stefani’s distinct voice to lead with the band’s funky and energetic mix of lyrics and music.

Thus, any loyal No Doubt fan will undoubtedly “Push and Shove” to pick up a copy of the new album, which released Tuesday.

Full of the band’s classic punk rock sound, the album also offers a hint of reggae. The melodies make you want to get up and dance, and the lyrics are as catchy as ever, exemplified in “Easy,” as Stefani sings, “I’m gonna put a white flag in the air / Gonna get my way when I seize the fire / I wanna be with you, I’m dropping everything.”

“Settle Down,” the first single from the album, has been making its way through the radio air waves since its release in July, with lyrics such as, “But you can see it my eyes, you can read on my lips / I’m trying to get a hold on this / And I really mean it this time.”

“Undercover” has a quick beat and Stefani sings, “Some things are unexplained / Some people can’t be tamed / But I want to know everything,” in her classic, quirky rhythm that has made No Doubt stand out from other bands over the years.

The album is classic No Doubt sound and material through and through, calling to point that its sound has stayed solid despite its downtime.

I advise old and new fans to go out and buy the album. You won’t be disappointed, no doubt about it.

Grade: A

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