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Biker knocks pedestrian unconscious near Ohio State campus

25 p.m. Thursday

A pedestrian was carried away in an ambulance after a bicyclist struck her near the corner of North High Street and 17th Avenue Thursday night.
The incident occurred sometime between 9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., in front of Chumley’s bar, located at 1918 N. High St.
Joseph Lee, a security guard at Chumley’s, said he saw a woman jaywalk and get hit by a man on a bicycle.
“Basically, she wasn’t looking, she just took a step forward and they hit head-to-head and she flipped over and then was unconscious for 45 seconds,” Lee said. “Then she woke up, screamed in pain, a crowd formed around her. I advised people not to move her until the paramedics came.”
The woman was carried away on a stretcher and the man who hit her remained on the scene after she was taken away.
A Columbus Division of Police officer spoke on behalf of Sgt. Patrick Shaffer on the accident.
“The bicycle hit the pedestrian, but since there wasn’t a motor vehicle involved it doesn’t actually, it comes to us as a crash. But when we got here, we did the investigation and there’s no motor vehicle crash,” said the officer. “So that’s basically all we got.”
When asked if he was OK, the man who hit the pedestrian nodded his head. He declined to comment on the incident.
This is the second reported accident involving a bike in two days.
On Wednesday, 18-year-old James Hughes, a first-year in chemical engineering, was struck by a construction truck while riding his bike on Woodruff Avenue near a construction area. His father, David Hughes, said Thursday afternoon that he is in critical condition.


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