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Men’s fashion: Don’t triple layer your socks in the cold, opt for quality

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With the weather getting brisker by the hour, the days of going sockless are coming to a close. Before you know it, you’ll be stuffing your triple-socked feet into your winter boots, so enjoy the earth between your toes while you still can.

The most important thing about socks is their function. It’s great to flash some color below the hem of your pants, but it’s hardly worth the effort if your thin, trendy socks leave you shaking in your boots.

After all, socks exist for comfort. They’re on your feet to keep your toes warm and chafe-free, but this still doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice personal style to avoid frostbite.

Many outfitters are beginning to carry thick wool socks that won’t leave you looking like your grandmother when you’re walking around campus. Brands such as J. Crew, SmartWool and Timberland sell wool socks that will leave you looking more like a lumberjack than an old lady.

Look for your wool socks in shades of gray, brown or black. These socks are more about keeping your feet warm than catching attention, so keep it subtle so you don’t have to worry about matching when you’re marching out into the cold.

Good, warm socks don’t come cheap. I’m not saying you’re going to have to drop 40 bucks on a single pair, but if you’re really looking for warmth, you’ll want to look at least in the $12 to $16 price range.

A great place to find warm, outdoor socks for cheap is Sierra Trading Post’s website. In addition to an almost endless variety of socks, Sierra Trading Post offers clearance outdoor and hiking apparel and accessories that will keep you comfortable through every sudden change in Ohio’s finicky weather.

If you’re not planning on trekking through the cold or sitting in one of the many overly air-conditioned buildings on campus, then go with a thinner sock that won’t set your wallet back more than a few dollars when you’re dressing casual. Gap sells socks in a variety of colors and patterns as cheap as about $5 a pair, and even cheaper if you visit the clearance section.

As for style, don’t feel like you have to stay with a traditional, solid color. Try out an argyle or striped pair, and don’t be afraid to go bold. Odds are, no one’s going to see your socks unless you’re sitting or you want them to, so make them stand out when you get the chance.

Even when you’re dressing for business, you don’t have to match your socks with your shoes or pants. Try mixing it up every once in a while and match to your shirt, tie or even nothing at all. Try out dressing monochromatically and throwing in a bright pair of socks for your only color.

Another important note, save the Nike high-top basketball socks for the court. Really, “Just Do It.”

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