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Ohio State School of Music offers free concert admission to valid-BuckID holders

Courtesy of Ohio State School of Music

With a valid BuckID some students, faculty and staff can ride the bus, attend campus events or even use blocks to grab a meal. And now Ohio State’s School of Music is providing yet another use for that little red card.

Beginning Autumn Semester the School of Music started allowing students, faculty and staff to attend its concerts for free with valid BuckIDs.

“Every concert the School of Music offers – guest artist, faculty recital, student ensemble, choir, band and symphony – are free,” said Tamara Morris, publicity and public relations coordinator in the School of Music.

In previous seasons, OSU faculty, staff, Alumni Association members and general public were charged $6 to attend the student ensembles. Senior citizens and students were charged $4.

For special concerts such as an opera or a holiday concert, ticket prices ranged from $6 to $15.

Richard Blatti, professor and director of the School of Music, said the school is conducting an experiment to increase student attendance at the concerts and remove any monetary hurdles for people to attend.

“I thought paying money to go to see a friend’s concert was an unnecessary burden,” Blatti said. “Our main business is to educate students. We can’t educate students, at least as performers, unless there are people to hear the performances.”

Blatti also said the School of Music belongs to everyone on campus, regardless of if they are musicians, artists, actors or dancers.

“Everyone in this community deserves to be able to participate in the arts,” he said.

Concert ticket profits were previously used by the School of Music for several purposes, including covering the cost of concert preparation.

“To be able to embrace our faculty and students is more worthy to me to give up the little bit of money in order to get that kind of presence,” Blatti said.  

Katherine Garrett, a second-year in music education, said she thinks offering no charge is a positive change.

“It is good because it doesn’t stop students from coming to concerts the School of Music has because they don’t have the money to,” Garrett said. “My friends will probably more likely come and hear me play. Money can be an issue for everyone.”

Formerly, only a couple concerts offered advance ticket sales, but now all concerts are offering advanced ticket sales, according to the school’s website.

Students, faculty and staff can grab their free ticket in advance at the Drake Performance and Event Center’s box office or Weigel Hall Auditorium’s box office.

For School of Music concerts held in Mershon Auditorium, attendees can get free tickets at the patron services desk at the Wexner Center for the Arts.

“I think anybody who is a citizen here on campus deserves to have a chance to come for free,” Blatti said.

BuckID holders are allowed one free ticket per ID. Tickets are priced at $10 for general admission and $5 for senior citizens, Alumni Association members, non-OSU students and children.

The School of Music’s next concert is scheduled to feature the OSU Symphony Orchestra 8 p.m. Friday in Weigel.

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