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Ron Pope to drop more than acoustics into Columbus

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Singer-songwriter Ron Pope doesn’t want to be known for just one thing.  

“I try to do a lot of different things to avoid being one dimensional,” Pope said. “I write, play guitar, produce records, make incredible meatballs.”

Though he achieved success with his 2005 hit single “A Drop in the Ocean,” Pope said he wants to keep improving his music and extending his fan base.

“My over-arching life plan is to spread my music out as far as it can go,” Pope said. “We take lots of little steps and slowly but surely, we build momentum. At the end of the day, I just want to reach as many people as I can.”

Pope said playing live helps him work toward that goal.

He is scheduled to perform 7 p.m. Tuesday at Rumba Cafe.

“I want people to come to the show and have a good time,” Pope said. “Come and hang out with us for a few hours, jump up and down, get sweaty, and then go home exhausted, but with a smile on your face.”

Jen Kmetich, a fourth-year in pharmaceutical sciences, said she remembers Ron Pope from his “A Drop in the Ocean” fame.

“I liked that song, but it’s a little slow for my taste,” Kmetich said.

Pope said, however, he hopes to prove to audiences that he can play more than acoustic songs. On tour, he mostly plays guitar and piano and is joined by a five-piece band to produce a “very energetic rock show.”

“There’s a lot of energy and jumping around,” Pope said. “It’s a little different than most people might expect who only know my acoustic songs. I don’t think I could travel around on a stool playing guitar.”

Pope said he is proud that he can pack so much liveliness into his shows.

“The fact that I’m not sitting down playing acoustic guitar or piano while trying to make people cry all night feels like something different to me,” Pope said. “A lot of solo artists just kind of half way get by on their instruments, and I try to knock the walls down with my guitar every night.”

Shannon McCourt, account assistant at Persona PR, said Pope’s passion for his music makes him one of her favorite clients to work with.

“He is probably the most driven client we have,” McCourt said. “He’s one of the best to work with. His head isn’t anywhere else. He’s always driven and always focused on his job. He lights up when he’s performing.”

Though Pope said he has been interested in music his whole life, it was not until he joined a songwriter’s circle during his third year at New York University that he decided to pursue music as a career.

“There were a bunch of incredible songwriters in that group,” Pope said. “They all really believed that I was a good writer, and I thought, ‘If these people think I could make it, maybe I really can.’ And here we are today.”

Pope is on tour promoting his latest album “Atlanta,” which he said blends many different styles of music together.

“It’s tough to describe,” Pope said of the album. “Some of it’s rootsy, some of it’s experimental. It’s kind of a bunch of different things that I’ve melded together.”

Though his music can be categorized as many different genres, Pope said the inspiration behind it is almost always the same.

“It mostly comes from paying attention,” Pope said. “I’m very curious about people so I’m always paying attention to how I feel and how other people feel, and how situations affect people’s lives. The human experience is universal, so everybody deals with loss and confusion and joy, all these things that we all experience.”

While on tour, Pope said he is writing songs for his next album, which he hopes to release in early 2014. Though he is still in the early stages of deciding what the album will sound like, he said he wants to do something different than what he has before.

“Right now, all I know for sure is that I want to take a lot of chances,” Pope said.

Tickets for the concert are available for $12. The Rumba Cafe is located at 2507 Summit St.

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