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Women’s fashion: From leather to metal and plastic, take time to select a stylish watch

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Now that we’re well into the age of technology, we’re going back to classic timekeeping. Although we normally have our digital time-telling cell phones out at all times, watches are making a serious comeback. There are shapes and styles for every wrist to fit your personal preference. Menswear has a huge influence on this accessory so it’s worth taking a cue from your man – just this once.

Metal: Platinum bands, stainless steel and rose gold watches are some of the most common styles to be found around college campuses and among young professionals. It’s a classic look that can be amped up with some bling around the face of the watch or by choosing a two-tone band. Bigger faces make a stronger statement, while smaller faces and bands make for something that’s more delicate and ladylike.

Leather strap: Use old-school Ivy League prepsters as influences. Leather straps come in various shades such as camel, mocha and buff. The great thing about these watches is that you can find one that fits instantly. Leather bands are adjustable and you can choose to wear it looser or snug depending on your style that day. These watches look great with an arm full of bangles or metal bracelets. The leather breaks up the bling and brings a neutral tone to the look.

Plastic: Watches with plastic bands can add a great pop of color to any look. You can find ones in white, neon colors and even turtle shell. These can be preppy, flashy or glam depending on how you wear them and what you choose to pair them with. Plastic bands also tend to be more affordable than other styles. Another great feature is that if you find a face you love, you can buy a few bands and change up your look as often as you like.

Square face: These faces tend to look more grown up and classic. It’s a great look with a metal band and is easy to find in smaller dainty styles. These watches will draw less attention to your wrist because the face blends into the strap. Depending on the size of the face, it could look like a chunky bracelet.

Gunmetal: For a no-nonsense look, opt for a gunmetal band and face. The color is the perfect fall neutral and will work perfectly with a pair of jeans and basic T-shirt. This look is super casual, but can easily be dressed up with a little black dress.

When you finally find the perfect timekeeper, make sure to ask for links to be removed on metal bands so it will fit and you can wear it right away, and find a leather band that has a perfect notch to fit your wrist. Buying a watch is purchasing an investment piece. Watches will stay with you for years to come and can easily become a signature look. So make sure you find one that works for you and can be something that you’ll wear everyday with everything you own.

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