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Women’s fashion: Steal or splurge on sweaters, lipstick, totes, leggings this fall

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As the first day of fall is almost here – Saturday to be exact – it’s time to start thinking about what new pieces should be making their way into your closet. Buying a whole new wardrobe is unnecessary and expensive, but a few new items can freshen up your look. It’s all about staying current for the fall season, so here are a few steals and splurges you might want to consider on your next shopping trip.

Fisherman’s sweater (splurge): This is an item worth spending money on. It’s a prep-tastic classic that has yet to go out of style. Chunky-knit wool can be itchy, but if you look for “merino wool” on the inside label, you’ll find a lot less itch and tons of comfort. Opt for buying this sweater one size too big so it provides a cozy fit and can be worn with leggings, jeans or even a maxi skirt. These sweaters can be purchased from high-end retailers like Michael Kors or Nordstrom, and a good one will cost between $250 and $350, while cheaper ones can be found at places like American Apparel.

Red lipstick (steal): Lipstick is making a comeback this season. Forget sticky glosses and hard-to-remove stains. Think deep red, best-kiss-of-your-life worthy lips. The beauty of lipstick is that it’s easy to find at a basic drugstore or superstore (something to look for on your next Target run). Look for a deep red hue, somewhere between basic red and burgundy. It will bring out the natural pink of your lips without making you look overdone.

Leather tote (splurge): Someone once told me that your bag should be the most expensive thing you own. I stick to this rule considering that I’m always telling people that my purse holds my life. This season, oversized leather totes are the perfect carryall. Look for something with all the class of the Hermes Birkin bag but with the slouch of a hobo style. Not into designer labels? No problem. I love finding handmade leather bags at boutiques and crafty websites. The mystery of the label and the trendiness of the piece are sure to make people ask, “Hey, where’d you get that?”

Black leggings (steal): Black leggings have become the new must-have, basic wardrobe piece. When it comes to black leggings, you can never have too many pairs. There’s no need to spend a ton of money on them either, considering you will most likely rip, fade or wear out a pair in a couple months. Think about buying these in bulk and rotating pairs every so often to avoid any serious wardrobe malfunctions.

Cable-knit tights (steal): Tights are kind of like leggings in the sense that you will always find yourself making a toe-hole in them. Buying a new pair of tights this season will make your whole outfit seem amped-up simply because you have a brand-spanking-new pair.

Shopping for new pieces is all about strategy and knowing where to spend your money. Avoid fake leather and spending money on pieces you don’t think you’ll use after this year. You know your style better than anyone else, so go with your gut and look for items that fit you best.

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