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Blessed Feathers forgoes technology to focus on music, tours to Columbus

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On the outside Blessed Feathers might appear to be your average two-man band, being that it’s put out an album and tours regularly. But when it’s at home in West Bend, Wis., the duo prefers kicking it old school, sharing a 10-year-old cellphone and bicycling to the local library to use the Internet.

Blessed Feathers, along with Columbus-based tropical funk band Way Yes, is scheduled to perform at 10 p.m. Friday at the Rumba Cafe.

Comprised of Donivan Berube and Jacquelyn Beaupre, the band even got its start in an old school way.

The duo played its first show in a bookstore to a group of senior citizens who were having a poetry club meeting.

Berube said the band has expanded its audience since its first “embarrassing” gig.

“We’ve played like six billion shows since then and opened for people in Milwaukee, but this is our second time out of state,” Berube said. “Until summer, we’ve done nothing but home recording and went to New York for ‘Peaceful Beasts in an Ocean of Weeds.'”

The band released its newest EP, “Peaceful Beasts in an Ocean of Weeds,” Tuesday and is planning to share the new material with Columbus Friday.

Referring to the band’s music as “soul, acoustic, kind of rocky, kind of funky and all over the place,” Beaupre said the audience can expect a pretty mellow show consisting of some foot stomping and clapping.

She also said the band is looking forward to making a return to Columbus. It first made its way to the city more than two years ago, playing at Kafe Kerouac, located at 2250 N. High St.

Blessed Feathers began when Berube moved to Wisconsin from Florida and began working at the same restaurant as Beaupre. She had been recording songs even before the two met and shared her music with him to get some feedback.

“When he gave (the tracks) back he had added drums and electric guitar, and that’s how we started,” Beaupre said.

Dan Backhaus, the band’s manager who is also from West Bend, Wisc., said Blessed Feathers is determined to be a success.

“I think they’re the hardest working kids I’ve ever met,” Backhaus said. “Bands are always asking what can we do to get better or known, and they need to spend more time making music.”

Backhaus also said, with the exception of New York shows, the band booked its current tour on its own. He added that the band not being distracted with technology only intensifies its determination.

“The Blessed Feathers aren’t distracted by what people are eating for lunch on Instagram, and they are just focused on their music and that is what I love about them,” Backhaus said.

Beaupre seemed to agree with Backhaus and said the band plans to stick with neglecting the Internet.

“We don’t need Internet … It just sucks up people’s time,” Beaupre said. “We’re always creating and inventing.”

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the Rumba Cafe, located at 2507 Summit St.

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