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Cal Scruby to put ‘Best Foot Forward’ with Timeflies in Columbus

Courtesy of Emad Rashidi

About a year ago, the name Cal Scruby was unknown to most people at Ohio State. Now, not only does buzz surround Scruby’s name on campus, but he has gained fans such as Jared Sullinger and performed alongside rappers such as J. Cole and Machine Gun Kelly.

Scruby is in his fifth year at OSU and has one semester left before graduating in the spring. He was an engineering major but is in the process of switching to either computer information science or new media and communication technology.

But aside from finishing his degree, he is also hard at work making music and performing.

Scruby is slated to open for the electro-pop duo Timeflies at 8 p.m. Thursday at The Bluestone. He previously opened for the group, comprised of vocalist Cal Shapiro and producer Rob Resnick, at Skully’s-Music Diner in May.

Being a rising hip-hop star was not always Scruby’s intent, but he said he decided to pursue music after releasing his first mixtape “Best Foot Forward” in November.

“I started fooling around with (making music) when I was a senior in high school, but I never put anything out until last November and I didn’t know what to expect of it,” Scruby said. “I kind of just did it … and (‘Best Foot Forward’) just reached 3,000 downloads the other day.”

Scruby released his second mixtape “Boy Genius” Sept. 19 and he said he hopes to release one more project by the end of the year.

Though Scruby said he doesn’t know yet what his third mixtape will sound like, he wants to set it apart from his previous projects by incorporating new music genres and topics.

“I pride myself on variety,” Scruby said. “Every project that I put out has something for everybody. My long-term goal is for every project to show artistic progression.”

He said, however, that some songs will always center on the same topics.

“There’s always going to be one song about getting a girl, a party and celebration-type song and something more serious or somber,” Scruby said.

He said he likes to write songs about his own experiences.

“My inspiration comes from everywhere,” Scruby said. “I’m 23 years old and still growing, so I have a lot of real life experience to talk about.”

For the time being, Scruby said he wants to keep working in the music business.

“I want to have a career in the music industry even if it’s not making music,” Scruby said. “I enjoy the social media aspect and the performance aspect.”

Scruby will get a chance to hone that performance aspect at his show with Timeflies. He said he is excited to perform again with the duo because of its energetic shows.

“(Timeflies) always brings super rowdy and super interactive crowds,” Scruby said. “The girls at their shows are always really loud.”

David Carlson, director of operations at Prime Social Group, which is hosting the show, said he has high expectations for the concert.

“There will probably be lots of girls, as it normally seems to be with (Timeflies’) shows,” Carlson said. “And we’re excited to work with Cal because he’s one of the great up-and-coming hip-hop artists out of Columbus.”

Cody Puccetti, Scruby’s manager, said he thinks Scruby’s music pairs well with Timeflies’ music.

“Cal’s genuine hip-hop roots and lyricism will compliment Timeflies’ upbeat pop flow to create the ultimate party atmosphere,” Puccetti said. “It is very seldom that such talented artists … come together in the same show.”

The Bluestone is located at 583 E. Broad St. Tickets are $20 for general admission and $30 for VIP seating in advance and at the door.

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