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Men’s fashion: Tracking timeless wardrobe pieces from Levi Strauss jeans to Ray-Ban Wayfarers

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In fashion, there are a lot of reasons why it’s easier being a guy. We’re never required to shove our feet into shoes we’re going to hate by the end of the night and our jeans actually get cooler the more we wear and the less we wash them.

More than anything, though, dressing is simpler for guys because men’s clothing doesn’t really go out of style. Sure, those bedazzled Ed Hardy T-shirts weren’t the greatest idea, and we should probably have never taken advice from MC Hammer on what kind of pants to wear, but the fundamental elements of male fashion have hardly changed over the past century.

In America alone, there are countless companies who have been manufacturing clothing for American men since the beginning of the 20th century, many of which still have places in the closets of the country’s best-dressed men today.

Levi Strauss, one of America’s oldest and most famous clothiers, has been a national favorite since its first pair of 501 Jeans in the 1890s. Not only have 501s since become one of the best-selling items of clothing worldwide, but they’re still the go-to style for a lot of men and a “GQ” favorite.

Red Wing Shoes began as a brand in 1905 and within 10 years was selling an average of 200,000 pairs of boots per year, even supplying boots for a great number of American troops during World War I. Today, Red Wing is still turning out the same boots that protected America’s troops and has inspired designs for shoe companies worldwide.

Flannel shirts exploded as a fashion staple after Nirvana crashed into the music scene in 1987. While the shirt was made popular by Kurt Cobain’s grunge style, the flannel was keeping guys warm far before that. Pendleton Woolen Mills, which began manufacturing wool clothing in 1912, is still producing some of the most stylish and high quality designs today.

In 1956, one of America’s most famous fashion pieces was born: the Ray-Ban Wayfarer. This iconic pair of sunglasses has been worn by everyone from the Blues Brothers to Tom Cruise’s character in “Risky Business,” and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Not only is the design still present in Hollywood movies today, but they can be seen shielding the eyes of students all over Ohio State’s campus.

If anything else, the slow-changing world of men’s fashion makes it easier, and cheaper, to buy marked-down clothing that will still be in style the next time the season comes around. Take a look into the clearance section of any store and you’re sure to find something you’ll easily be able to pull off a full year from now.

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