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Scott ‘The Torg’ Torgerson ‘no longer employed’ by 97.1 The Fan

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Scott “The Torg” Torgerson has been silenced by his employer, but perhaps only for now.

Torgerson, former co-host of WBNS FM 97.1 The Fan’s “The Common Man and the Torg” radio show, was fired Wednesday for wishing death on former star Michigan football player Desmond Howard. Prior to the Wednesday announcement, Torgerson had been absent from the previous seven airings of the show.

From 97.1 The Fan’s Twitter account, @971thefan, the station announced the firing, saying: “Scott Torgerson is no longer employed by our company as of today. We appreciate his contributions and wish him well in his future endeavors.”

In response, Torgerson launched his own website and, in the first post, said he planned to file suit if his situation does not change.

” My Counsel feels we have a very strong case so I will not comment,” Torgerson wrote. “On Herbie no comment. Sorry I can’t say a word on this one. “

Howard currently works as a co-host for ESPN’s traveling, live college football show, “College GameDay.” 97.1 The Fan also happens to be an ESPN affiliate.

From his Twitter account, @myguythetorg, Torgerson tweeted on Oct. 13: “I wish Desmond Howard would get fired or die so I can watch Gameday again.”

Torgerson later issued an apology on Twitter, saying: “My Desmond Howard tweet was a joke. I think if you listen to the show you know that. My apologizes to those who took it serious. Total joke.”

The apology arrived too late for former OSU quarterback Kirk Herbstreit and Howard’s wife.

Herbstreit, an ESPN analyst, co-host of “College GameDay” with Howard, and former OSU quarterback, criticized Torgerson during “The Kirk Herbstreit Show,” which airs on 97.1 The Fan.

“I think what Desmond Howard had to deal with over the weekend is disgusting and very sad,” Herbstreit said. “I don’t know the reason behind it, but the tweet from an individual that works at the radio station was above and beyond, I think, what was acceptable … There’s so much more I wish I could say about that and I’ll choose not to … To me he crossed a line and that’s just completely unacceptable.”

Howard’s wife, Rebkah Howard, responded to Torgerson on Twitter as well. 

From Rebkah Howard’s Twitter account, @pink_funk, she said: “(thanks) for the ‘apologizes’. Are you fortunate enough to be a father? Know who didn’t get your ‘total (dead) joke’? Our daughter.”

Torgerson could not immediately be reached for comment.

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