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Album review: Aerosmith stays true to its roots with ‘Music From Another Dimension!’

After drama that consisted of a near breakup of the band, members experiencing rehab, one taking time judging “American Idol” and others falling off stages, the Bad Boys of Boston, better known as rock band Aerosmith, are back with “Music From Another Dimension!,” the band’s 15th studio album.

Eight years since its last studio release, “Honkin’ on Bobo,” and 11 years since its last studio album containing all original material, “Just Push Play,” the band is proving it isn’t ready to call it quits anytime soon. While aiming to stay relevant in the music world, it covers each musical characteristic developed through its 42 years together.

From powerful rock ballads to bluesy harmonies, Aerosmith will spark a familiarity with some longtime fans.

In opening song “LUV XXX,” frontman Steven Tyler belts, “Hot monkey sex on a hot tin roof / You’ll be higher than a shot of a million proof,” making it evident that the 64-year-old singer isn’t letting go of his inner adolescent.

Nonetheless, it’s these types of refined rock anthems with gritty lyrics that keep Aerosmith deserving of attention.

“If you wanna take a lookie cookie tonight might be your lucky nighty night night / How they go deja-booty,” is heard from several female backup singers and Tyler on “Out Go The Lights,” a song, which aside from the questionable words, has an upbeat, head-bobbing, jazzy feel that is easy to enjoy.

There are some shocking musical elements, however, despite the band’s tendency to stay within its roots.

Tyler collaborates with country artist Carrie Underwood for a duet on the weak country tune “Can’t Stop Loving You,” a failed attempt to cross over into country rock. While the duo’s attempt to prove it’s capable of evolving didn’t go unnoticed, the singers should probably stick to what they excel at individually. Let’s be honest, most fans just want to hear Tyler’s screeches.

“Music From Another Dimension!” adds to the success of the well-known classic rock band with several hits and a couple misses. And although the 15-track album isn’t its best work, it gives the band another excuse to continue to tour the world. Aerosmith might be wildly trying to recreate its glory days, but I don’t think any fans are complaining.

Grade: B+

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