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Black Friday craziness ruins Thanksgiving

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The fourth Thursday of every November is set aside to make time for family and remember what we as Americans are thankful for. However, the instant the sugar of the second unnecessary piece of pumpkin pie goes to our heads, we go mad. Suddenly, it seems like an excellent idea to fight through our fellow Americans in a crowded, chaotic store in order to get the best deals on the hottest holiday items.
I had never actually partaken in the tradition of Black Friday shopping because every year friends and family advise against it. “It’s not worth it. Too much stress, not enough savings.” However, I had to try it this year and let me tell you, the experience was the epitome of infuriating pandemonium.
My mom and I finished our Thanksgiving festivities and embarked on the experience of the season. 
We pulled into the parking lot of Target around 8 a.m.
I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to encounter every single bad driver on the roads. They must have been too enthralled with the chance to save a few bucks on that new video game to remember they could potentially cause a wreck.
After rounding the jam-packed parking lot a few times, someone had gotten in and out of the Target and started backing out of the parking space. Therefore, brake lights, courtesy blinker and Bazinga! A spot was acquired.
Once we entered the store, there were makeshift displays and disorder that would make any obsessive-compulsive cringe. One woman even walked through with her cart stuffed to the brim yelling, “Mayhem! Mayhem!”
But where were the sales?
I quickly discovered Black Friday might possibly be the market’s attempt to take advantage of the public’s turkey high and get the masses into a store of normally priced items with the promise of a few good, limited-time deals. I mean, who wouldn’t want to wait in checkout lines for hours in order to buy an item with a mediocre discount instead of spending time with their families?
After shopping in Target and Walmart, I left the store without buying anything and headache at no additional cost.
Black Friday was a peril I am glad I have not had to experience until now. There are thousands of people who fight and push and shove in order to save $10 on the Barbie dollhouse their daughter has been dying for. These people have forgotten to read the small print disclaimer that the sale is also at the cost of their sanity and good sense.
Black Friday shoppers are the archetype of hypocrisy. After sitting around the table with their most beloved family and friends and enjoying good food while remembering what they’re thankful for, they decide that the best way to show they are thankful is by turning into selfish beasts with no care for the people around them. All they think about is their urge to buy that iPad – which they had just said they were happy without having a few hours ago – and the cost of shoving an old lady out of the way to get it is not too high.
Black Friday ruins Thanksgiving and puts the holiday season off to a bitter, grimacing start. Sure, if you do your research, you can save some money. However, I’d much rather spend a little more to have a relaxing, pleasant holiday shopping experience at a reasonable hour on a day other than Black Friday. 

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