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Late presidential campaigning wasted on early voters

Andrew Holleran / Photo editor

Election season has finally come to an end, and I couldn’t be happier. I am very anxious to see who the next man running our country will be, but I am just as anxious to watch TV and read my emails without constant advertisements for the candidates.
Since Oct. 27, I have received 35 emails from the Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s campaign, but not one email from President Barack Obama’s campaign. Regardless of the candidate badgering me for my vote, 35 emails in a 10-day span makes me realize that one daily phone call from my mother isn’t so annoying.
I cast my vote for president weeks ago on my absentee ballot, so having to see repeated ads from the candidates has annoyed me more than continued to inform me. Not only did I receive emails from Romney, but also from his wife, Ann Romney, his running mate Paul Ryan and Team Ohio.
I realize that advertisements are often effective in swaying undecided voters, but to a voter who has already made a decision, the ads are just redundant and irritating. I even had a momentary lapse in judgment and yelled at my phone when I read the 35th and final email I received Tuesday morning. Seeing another attempt at winning my vote, I couldn’t deal with the impersonal headline of “I need your vote.”
I have yet to discover how I was signed up for these emails and also could never manage to find an effective way to unsubscribe from them. Regardless of who is running our country after Jan. 20,, I won’t be sad to see the political advertisements disappear. I’m glad that both contenders are vying for my vote, and that both of them advertise their policies to the public, but bombarding me with emails was not the most effective way to gain my support.

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